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5 Tips for Live Streaming to a Remote Audience

Live streaming helps make people part of the experience when they can’t be present. Here are 5 ways you can optimize your broadcasts to connect with a remote audience. 

1. Address your online audience directly

Start your live stream by welcoming your audience and giving them a brief agenda of what to expect. Make sure your subject looks at the camera directly to better connect with your online viewers. 
Live Streaming Covid-19

2. Get creative with camera angles

If you’re streaming an event without an in-person audience, consider getting up close and personal with your shots. Placing a camera on stage or zooming in closer on your subjects can help make your live stream more immersive. With no one in the audience, you won’t have to worry about crowd shots or wide shots. 

Live Sream Camera Angles@2x-100


3. Moderate your comments

If you’re streaming to social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it’s a good idea to have someone moderating and responding to your viewers’ comments and questions. This keeps your audience engaged and shows you care about your community.

4. Promote your live streams + Simulcast

What’s the point in streaming if no one’s watching? Promoting your live stream ahead of time gives you the best chance of getting the most eyeballs on your content. This webinar dives deeper into ways you can maximize your viewership. Make sure to let your viewers know where they can find your broadcasts online. Another great way to increase your viewership is to simulcast to multiple destinations and use BoxCast's one-time website embed to provide a great viewer experience on your website. 

5. Rebroadcast to save time

A great way to get more out of your live events is to rebroadcast them at a later date. This is especially helpful for viewers who can’t watch while you’re streaming. Our Simulated Live feature allows you to rebroadcast a past stream or prerecorded video at a later date as if it were live.

Simulated Live@2x-100

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Live streaming can really help you stay connected to your community. BoxCast makes streaming easy. Here's a brief overview of how our platform works: