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Recruiting, Training + Retaining Media Volunteers: A Guide for Churches

Feeling frustrated when managing your media volunteers? Not sure how to find the best team? Having trouble keeping your team motivated? We’re here to help.

With this guide, learn how to:

  • Recruit passionate and dedicated volunteers
  • Train volunteers while having fun and making them feel comfortable with the equipment
  • Retain volunteers by keeping burnout away
  • Build a sense of community and purpose for your team



Download our guide to learn how to recruit, train + retain your volunteers with confidence


Learn how to recruit quality volunteers

Discover new ways to bring enthusiastic volunteers into your team by identifying and reaching out to church members who may have been missed. Our guide provides helpful tips on how to encourage them to join and become passionate about serving.

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Develop a comprehensive training plan

Boost the confidence of your volunteers and foster their independence by developing a well-crafted training plan that familiarizes them with the equipment and builds their skills.

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Keep your volunteers engaged and committed.

Discover effective strategies to foster a strong sense of community among your volunteers, keeping them committed and passionate. By preventing burnout and turnover, you'll ensure that your team stays engaged and motivated.

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