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Live Streaming by Industry, Hybrid Events

How to Live Stream All-Company or Town Hall Meetings

Your all-company meetings are an important opportunity for alignment across teams. They are a chance to instill your culture and build momentum behind your strategy and vision.

If you have several offices or remote workers, it can be challenging to replicate the in-office energy of the event. A spotty Skype or GoToMeeting call is not the answer. Keep reading to learn how to stream company town halls and all-employee meetings. Discover the important factors to consider, including video quality and security.

You need a live stream of your event that delivers a stimulating experience for your whole team. You also need security. Here's how you should approach it all:

A High Quality Experience

You invest a significant amount of time in the delivery of your all-company communication for those in the office. You know that every detail can impact the perception of the management team's vision.

It's important to think through the delivery to remote employees with the same level of detail.

You may use conferencing tools like GoToMeeting or Skype for weekly communication and calls. However, these tools are not the right fit for an event of this magnitude.

Conferencing tools deliver immediate live video at the expense of video quality. Their purpose is quick, multi-direction video communication.

Live streaming tools are the answer to one-way, high quality video communication. Platforms like BoxCast produce high definition streams that replicate the in-person experience for your out-of-office audience.

Your network connection and production setup will also impact the quality of your stream. Video resolution isn't everything though.




Your all-company meetings are internal. They need to stay that way.

When you live stream these events, it's important that you secure them. There are several options for making sure that your stream is private.

You can create a private link on a website and share it only with your employees. Alternatively, you can password protect your broadcast and give your employees the password.


As you live stream your all-company or town hall meeting, your members may have commentary they’d like to add. That’s where our Viewer Chat can assist. With Viewer Chat, your audience has the ability to interact with your broadcast and each other using the chat box. You can easily monitor the conversation and step in if needed to easily hide comments or block users if things turn nasty.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

There are other features to consider with live streaming all-company meetings:

In the end, you need a platform built with the features for you. That's where BoxCast comes in.