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Laptop showing a live stream broadcast of a woman speaking at a podium
Phone showing a live stream broadcast of a woman speaking at a podium
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Technology designed for connection

Solution Page - Live Video Streaming for Municipalities

Technology designed for connection

Our feature-rich, automated solution meets you right where you are — whether you’ve been broadcasting meetings for years or are streaming for the first time. With tools like Automated Live Captioning and Document Display, BoxCast helps keep your live stream compliant while making your events available to viewers on any device.

Cities use us to share info and build trust with their communities.

Ready to stream like a pro?

Here's a handy checklist to help you get started.



  • Your stakeholders have approved live streaming your meetings.
  • You have the budget to cover the cost of a professional streaming service.
  • If your audio and video tech needs updating, you have approval to invest in new equipment.



  • You know what events will be broadcasted and who will be responsible for scheduling them.
  • You have the staff and volunteers available to operate your camera system during your meetings.
  • You or a staff member can get in touch with a BoxCast streaming coach for help if the need arises.



  • You’ve confirmed what level of captioning functionality you need to meet compliance and accessibility standards.
  • You’ve ensured all materials distributed in person will be available online through BoxCast’s Document Display tool.
  • You’ve decided to send your streams to your website, app, and/or social media.

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