BoxCast Flow: The Patented Streaming Protocol You Can Count On

Safely stream dependable live video in the highest quality with our advanced streaming protocol.

The smartest, safest way to stream

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re broadcasting is whether or not your live stream will reach your viewers. That’s why we created BoxCast Flow. Our patented streaming protocol works with our BoxCaster, Spark, Pro, and Broadcaster app to ensure reliable, professional-quality broadcasts — even when your internet connection isn’t great.

Adaptive recovery

Small network issues can cause packet loss, which means your video data arrives at the cloud out of order (or not at all). BoxCast Flow's adaptive recovery and content-aware forward error correction retransmit data to fill in the gaps — so your viewers won't see any buffering or pixelization.

Link quality adjustment

BoxCast Flow’s built-in link quality adjustment automatically adapts to changing internet conditions. It decreases your outgoing bitrate to ride through rough patches and increases your bitrate (and video quality) when your network is steady.


With built-in obfuscation, BoxCast Flow protects your video data from being decoded by unknown third parties, ensuring you’re in control of your streaming content. It also prevents network firewalls and traffic shapers from filtering your content based on known streaming protocols.


Protocol diversity at its best

Some media protocols only use stream connections (like RTMP or RTSP), which can lead to buffering when your network is congested. Other datagram protocols (such as RTP) prevent buffering, but can suffer from visual and audible distortions (aka artifacts). BoxCast Flow is all about protocol diversity — it uses both stream and datagram transports to take advantage of what works best in each scenario and ensure your video is delivered to viewers without buffering or artifacts.


Customizable control

BoxCast Flow is incredibly reliable. However, if your network’s spotty and you want to take a more active role in ensuring your stream meets the highest standards (your viewers’), our BoxCast Flow Control feature lets you customize your latency levels for the utmost peace of mind.