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Laptop showing a live stream broadcast of a quarterly company meeting.
Phone showing a live stream broadcast of a quarterly company meeting.
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Technology designed for growth

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Technology designed for growth

Whether you’re broadcasting from a smartphone or from an advanced multi-cam production, live video streaming helps your brand meet the needs of your clients, staff, and stakeholders in an exciting and relevant way. Our automated technology helps you deliver the highest-quality experience to those watching — at a cost that’s a no-brainer for your organization.

Businesses depend on us to connect with staff and stakeholders.

Ready to stream like a pro?

Here's a handy checklist to help you get started.



  • You know what events will be broadcasted and who will be responsible for scheduling them.
  • You’ve decided to send your streams to your website, app, and/or social media.
  • You’ve determined which broadcasts will be viewable free and which will have a set ticket price.



  • You know what A/V equipment you’ll use to stream — whether from a smartphone, camera, video switcher, single microphone, or soundboard.
  • You or staff can operate your camera system during events and get in touch with a BoxCast streaming coach if the need arises.
  • You have a setting for your live events with access to power for your audio, video, network, and lighting needs.



  • Your stakeholders have approved a budget for professional live streaming.
  • If your audio and video tech needs updating, you have approval to invest in new equipment.
  • You’ve selected which BoxCast features you’ll use to enhance your broadcasts.

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