How the BoxCast Live Streaming Platform Works

Our flexible, reliable streaming platform makes it easy for broadcasters of all levels to stream and share high-quality live video. Get a demo to try it free!

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A simpler, smarter way to stream

Life is complicated enough. Live streaming shouldn’t be. That’s why we made BoxCast’s video streaming platform easy for anyone to use. Whether you’ve never streamed before or have been broadcasting professionally for years, our flexible tech gives you automated software and hardware options that work for you — whatever your setup or skill level.


Live streaming software

Tap your screen and stream anywhere with a cellular connection using our Broadcaster app for iOS.

Broadcast live video via real-time messaging protocol (RTMP), Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), or other streaming software options.

Create and present professional-looking streams from your web browser with BoxCast Producer. All you need is a webcam and internet!

BoxCast Producer and the Broadcaster App

Live streaming hardware

Easily connect your video source to our BoxCaster, Spark, Pro, or another RTMP-supported encoder.

Capture, customize, and stream sports scores in real time for your fans with our Scoreboard Assist.

Pro, Spark, and BoxCaster
Broadcasting Platform Overview

Patented, reliable streaming technology

What makes BoxCast the best streaming platform? When you stream with us, your broadcasts are secure, stable, and supported by leading-edge technology. That includes features like advanced compression, transfer and transcoding, monitoring, and diagnostics.


BoxCast Flow

To say we’re kind of obsessed with quality live video is a major understatement. That’s why we invented and patented our own streaming protocol in 2015. BoxCast Flow is built into our hardware and software encoders, and reliably delivers the highest-quality picture to your audience — with less congestion and a third of the bandwidth — even when your internet connection isn’t great.


The industry gold standard, HEVC compression technology gives your viewers crisp, HD video while cutting your bandwidth in half.

Transfer + transcoding

Our event streaming platform does the heavy lifting by taking your high-quality stream and transcoding it into multiple qualities for your viewers. It minimizes buffering for them, and is less taxing on your network and equipment.

Monitoring + diagnostics

Easily monitor your stream performance, network, and more within the BoxCast Dashboard. Troubleshoot any issues using detailed data about the health of your broadcast (bitrate, frame rate, and packet loss).

An exceptional viewer experience

Give your audience what they want — captivating broadcasts they can watch wherever they like. With BoxCast, you can stream to multiple platforms and your website simultaneously to connect with people everywhere. And our robust feature offering helps you produce engaging, professional video content that exceeds viewer expectations.


Multi-platform streaming

Reach your viewers on their favorite social platforms by multistreaming to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, X (Twitter), and more.

Live stream simulcasting to Facebook and YouTube

Flexible embedding

Present your live and archived events within an intuitive cross-platform player on the websites and mobile apps of your choice.

Live stream embedded on a customer website

Smart TV apps

Feature your content in additional external apps like Apple TV®, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

BoxCast Apple TV app on a television

Multi-Site Player

Broadcast live to multiple locations in the highest quality without the risk of mid-event buffering or detrimental packet loss.

Video Markers + Live DVR

Highlight key moments within your stream and let your viewers jump there or restart while it’s still live.

Viewer Chat

Involve and engage your viewers by starting and moderating conversations during your live broadcast.


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