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Live Streaming for Houses of Worship

Live streaming for churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship has never been more essential than it is right now. That’s why we’ve designed our solution to make streaming the highest-quality video as easy and affordable as possible.

Easy, high quality live streaming solutions for churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship.

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Whether your congregation has 1,000 members or 100, our features and plans have been crafted to meet the needs of both first-time broadcasters and seasoned streamers. Our recurring and automated technology takes the effort out of streaming for your staff and volunteers, and our platform delivers the highest-quality experience to those watching — which is really what it’s all about.


We've created a handy checklist to help you get started:

  • Your congregation, staff, or board of elders has approved the live video streaming of your weekly services.
  • You’ve been granted a specific budget to cover the annual cost of a professional live video streaming service. If any portion of your audio and video technology needs updating, you have additional approval to invest in new equipment.
  • Your leadership has selected a target launch date for your new live streaming ministry to go live.
  • You have clarity on which of your events will be broadcasted and who from your team will be responsible for overseeing the scheduling of each event.
  • You have the staff and volunteers available to operate your camera system during your live streams.
  • You have a team lead who can reach out to BoxCast’s expert streaming coaches if the need arises and generate a report on viewership analytics.
  • You’ve determined whether or not you want your events to be made available to the public and visitors or only to members.
  • You’ve clarified where your live streams will be made available online, whether on your website, within your app, or even on your social media accounts.
  • You’ve arranged a team to post-produce your events with BoxCast’s archive trimming and highlight promotion functionality.


Start live streaming with BoxCast free for 14 days. Live stream church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or other house of worship services for free — no credit card required. When you’re ready to sign up, choose a streaming plan and add a BoxCaster for the easiest way to stream in HD.

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