Increased access to the internet has transformed the way people communicate. It is nearly impossible to be in a public place for more than a few minutes without seeing someone use a smartphone to check Facebook, read an article, or send a quick text.

Churches across the country have started to take advantage of this high-tech era by streaming their services. Observing that their community is spending more and more time on their various digital devices, savvy churches can stay relevant by meeting their members where they are: online. 

If you haven’t made the switch already, here are 5 reasons your church should be live video streaming.


1. Reach Seekers

Live video streaming allows you to reach people you’ve never reached before. Take a moment to imagine someone who has never set foot in a church, whose parents never spoke about God, and whose friends don’t identify with religion. Still, that person might be curious about the Bible and wants to learn more. Though we’ve all driven by hundreds of churches, most people who fit this description will start their search on Google instead of walking through the doors of a church. Showing your services online shows them a glimpse of the community they could join.

2. Connect With People Who Are Home Sick

On an average Sunday morning, most churches in America could fill the rosters of several baseball teams with people who have stayed home - either because they’re sick or because they’re caring for someone one who is. One of the most practical and consistently relevant applications of streaming is that it allows the 34-year-old mother to stay at home with her coughing 6- year-old while still tuning into take part in her weekly Bible study.

3. Share Important Moments

Every year, a church hosts hundreds of important events - weddings, holiday concerts, bible studies, and more. Sometimes, however, the people who want to be there just can’t make it. Being able to watch the event streamed live lets these people share those important moments, despite their physical distance.

4. Bless Faraway Soldiers

Your community members aren’t confined to the walls of your church...your ministry shouldn’t be either. Soldiers and missionaries are valued members of our community and should stay connected. Live video streaming is a special tool that can bring them the comfort of home, even when they're out on the field serving a duty to their country or bringing others closer to Christ. The ability to tune into your church online can bless them in a special way, even when they're thousands of miles away.

5. Welcome New Families

Before believers move to a new area, they’ve often searched online for the new church they can join. After all, a church is a haven for anyone new to a community. Showcasing your sermons and services online makes them more comfortable with who you are, what you’re about, and what they should expect from your ministry; it lets new families see if your church is the right fit for them.

The goal of any church is to reach people and touch lives.

By streaming your services and other events, you’re able to take your ministry beyond the walls of your church, connecting with more people than ever before. Learn more about how to reach and engage your congregation by downloading The Pastor's Guide to Live Video Streaming

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Published by Lena Kelly on July 20, 2015 in Church

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