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Church + House of Worship, Hybrid Events

How to Extend Your Reach with Hybrid Worship

As in-person attendance gains popularity, houses of worship are faced with the question “Why should I continue to live stream?” The better question is, why not?

It's important for any church and house of worship to incorporate worship online and in-person. When weighing your technology options, consider these four ways live streaming can extend your house of worship's reach, both in-person and online.

Reach More People

The pandemic is still ongoing, and many people may prefer to attend online for health and safety reasons.

Tammy Butterworth, sound and video editor at Trinity Assembly of God, told us in an interview, “I see huge value in live streaming, especially because many of our congregation members are in nursing homes or in quarantine and cannot attend live, but are still able to be a part of and experience the service."

By eliminating the option for people to live stream your services, you lose out on spreading your message. Being an entry point for people coming in person and assisting those who can only attend online via live stream is a great way to extend your reach. 

Improve Connection

Giving your current and future members the option to choose in-person or online worship can help make them feel grateful to stay connected regardless of their situation. 

And part of feeling connected means feeling engaged. With our newest feature, Viewer Chat, your members have the ability to interact with your broadcast and each other using the chat box. Odds are you’ll see your engagement metrics and the number of happy members rise.

Another great feature of BoxCast is you and your viewers can share your live stream with a click of a button. This is another great way to extend your reach as your members are able to share your services with their neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, and more.

Amplify Your Ministry

Attending a service for the very first time with a building full of strangers can be intimidating. 

Jamie Goodlet, worship team member of Trinity Assembly of God, told us, “When we began live streaming with BoxCast, not only did our online viewers increase, but we also discovered we had a huge influx of new people attending in-person church as well.”

For many, the deciding factor to attend in-person worship has been having a positive experience watching a live stream first. And an added bonus - live streaming is an easy way for people to share and invite others to check out your house of worship.

Charissa Buchanan, worship and youth pastor at Trinity Assembly of God, confirmed this by telling us, “Most people who are church-hunting right now look at a live stream before they go to a church to see if it’s the atmosphere that they want to go to. They want to see the environment they’re going to be worshipping in, and the quality that is going to be there.”


So, Why BoxCast?

Using BoxCast in combination with meeting in person is an easy way to multiply the impact of your message and service.

Whether you’re a first-time broadcaster or a seasoned streamer, we make it easy to deliver the highest-quality, live streaming experience to your viewers. Our features and plans have been crafted to meet your individual needs, and with our top-notch customer care team there’s no reason not to live stream.

Live streaming shouldn’t be a why anymore. It should be a why not. Using tools like BoxCast can help you leverage what you’re already doing to reach more people.

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