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Are You Growing Your Live Video Streaming Audience?

 So, you’ve decided to start live video streaming your services.

Who’s watching? Perhaps a family that faithfully attends in person is away on vacation; A parent that is home caring for a sick child; Someone traveling for business. There are multiple scenarios that keep people from physically being able to attend Sunday service.

Streaming your services helps you include faraway members in your worship experience — but only if they know it’s available and how to access it. Though you might think you’ve done a thorough job making your congregation aware of the stream, odds are that those who haven’t used it yet have forgotten it’s available. Below are a few considerations to help grow your live streaming audience.

Trees have long symbolized growth


It’s a good idea to regularly remind people that this service is available and how to access it. Here are some marketing ideas:

  • Talk about streaming and why you’ve started to offer it during your weekly announcements.
  • Publicize the streaming url on your church’s homepage, perhaps as a top or side banner.
  • Push your streams as a part of your social media efforts. Post or tweet a reminder the day and hour before the service to help people remember to tune in.
  • Print an advertisement for the stream in your church bulletin. Try to keep the word count to a minimum - simplicity goes a long way in visual design. But be sure to include the URL!

In addition to telling your community that the resource is there for them, consider printing and distributing clear, simple instructions that walk first-time users through the process.


Remember that people have varying comfort levels when it comes to technology. “Live video streaming” can sound intimidating to someone still figuring out how to email or text. In these cases, it might not be enough to tell them it’s easy to do; you’ll have to explain to them how to do it. 

Luckily, with BoxCast, your church’s video player will be embedded wherever you want it, so teaching someone how to access your video can be as easy as sharing a URL with them.  


People are creatures of habit. It might take a few prods to get them to try something new, but once they see the quality of your stream and the strength behind your message, they’ll want to come back for more.

Don’t be satisfied with the audience you have. Think about everyone else you might reach too.

For other tips on how to best utilize live video streaming in your church, check out our free guide for pastors: How to Reach and Engage Your Congregation in a Digital World.

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