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How to Embed a Live Stream on Your Website

This post looks at how to embed a live stream as a video player on your website. It also talks about what to look for in an embedded live video player. It’s part of our series on BoxCast Features.

If you are streaming through a social platform (Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, etc) you might find the process of embedding the stream on your website to be clunky. Most of those platforms make embedding difficult because they would rather keep your viewers on their platforms.

The main exception to that is YouTube. YouTube makes embedding easier, but their player will link to other third party videos on your website and ads so that they can monetize your video.

Here are the embedding policies for those three platforms: Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live

The bottom line is none of these video platforms were built with a goal of making it easy to stream videos branded for you on your own website.

Our Approach to Live Stream Embedding

At BoxCast, we believe that organizations find value in driving people to their websites to view live streams in addition to other platforms. After all, your own website is the place where you can best serve your viewers with your brand and your resources.

With that thought in mind, we are constantly working to help promote your organization's brand (not ours!) with an embedded player that suits your viewer's needs.

The Embedded Player from BoxCast

Not all embedded video players are made the same. Here are a few of the features you should be looking for in a video player.

Ad-Free and White Labeled

Your organization is your brand. That’s something to be protected. Some streaming players (YouTube Live, for example) will want to monetize your content for their own profit. To do this, they will let third parties play ads on the embedded player on your website. You'll have no control over the ads that play. If a viewer clicks on an ad (on purpose or by accident), they may be taken to someone else's content. You need a player that will protect your brand and make sure that third party ads don't play on your website.

Forest City Embed Example-2

Mobile-Friendly and Flash-Free

More and more of your viewers are watching your content on their phones and tablets. Don’t even consider a player that will struggle to adapt to a mobile setting. Also, keep a watch out on flash-based players. Flash is slowly being phased out across the internet. Don’t build a solution that won’t last.

One-Time Embed

From a process standpoint, you don’t want to have to embed each stream individually. Make sure that you pick a solution that allows for a one-time embed.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer provides your viewers with information about the timing of the next live stream without any extra steps for the broadcaster.

Redeemer Embed Example-1

Automatic Archiving for Video-on-Demand

It can be a pain to download and then re-upload videos after the stream is complete. You need a player that will automatically archive precious streams and keep them embedded under your current broadcast for your viewers to watch on demand.

Ignatius Embed Example-2

If you're looking for the full support article with FAQ's on BoxCast's Video Indexing Feature, here's where you should go.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Embedding on your website is a great way to improve your live stream viewer experience, but it's not the only way. Here's some more resources you might find interesting:

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