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BoxCast Integrations

Facebook Live Integration

How to Stream to Facebook Live

This post looks at how to stream to Facebook Live. It covers the steps for streaming directly to the platform and how to stream to other locations like Twitter and YouTube Live. It’s part of our series on BoxCast Integrations. 

Of all of the streaming platforms out there, Facebook Live may now be the most popular.

Here's a quick background: In April of 2016, Facebook entered the live streaming world and brought new levels of attention to the online engagement platform that had been growing for years. Within a matter of months, they quickly discovered that users spend 3x more time watching live video than any other form of content. Live streaming is powerful.

Facebook is a powerful tool. With a large audience potential, many organizations find Facebook Live to be an important destination for their live streams.

How To Stream To Facebook Live

Facebook Live has options to broadcast directly from an iOS or Android device. It can also take a feed from other sources. Here’s their instructions for going about doing that.

Most organizations desire a streaming quality higher than that offered by a phone. Additionally, they might want to stream to multiple locations at once. That’s where BoxCast helps.

How To Stream To Facebook Live With BoxCast

BoxCast makes it easy to stream directly to Facebook Live. BoxCast allows you to take your video feed from a video camera or production setup and stream a higher quality feed to your Facebook account.

Here’s how it works:


Furthermore, utilizing a method we call “simulcasting,” BoxCast empowers broadcasters to stream to their own website at the same time.

If you're looking for the full support article with FAQ's on BoxCast's Facebook Live Integration, here's where you should go.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Facebook Live isn't the only great social platform out there. If you are streaming to Facebook Live, you should also consider streaming to Twitter or YouTube Live.

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