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How to Stream to Periscope (and Twitter)

This post looks at how to stream to Periscope. It covers the steps for streaming directly to the platform and how to stream to other locations like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It’s part of our series on BoxCast Integrations.

These days, it’s hard to keep track of all of the many streaming platforms out there. It seems like every social media company is diving headfirst into the world of streaming.

Periscope, one of the pioneers in the world of online streaming, is the platform of choice for Twitter. Over the years, Periscope has become more natively integrated with Twitter. It is now essentially thought of as “Twitter Live,” even though it still maintains its own platform separate from the Twitter-sphere.

All that said, many organizations have active Twitter accounts and can benefit from streaming their live video to that platform.

How to Stream to Periscope

Periscope has options to broadcast directly from an iOS or Android device. Here’s their instructions for going about doing that.

However, while Periscope makes it easy to stream from a mobile device, most organizations desire a streaming quality higher than that offered by a phone. Additionally, they might want to stream to multiple locations at once. That’s where BoxCast helps.

How to Stream to Periscope with BoxCast

BoxCast makes it easy to stream directly to Periscope. BoxCast allows you to take your video feed from a video camera or production setup and stream a higher quality feed to your Periscope and/or Twitter account.

Here’s how it works:


Furthermore, utilizing a method we call “simulcasting,” BoxCast empowers broadcasters to stream to other platforms at the same time.

Streaming to multiple platforms can be a great way to maximize your viewership and reach audiences everywhere.

If you're looking for the full support article with FAQ's on BoxCast's Periscope Integration, here's where you should go.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Periscope isn't the only great social platform out there. If you are streaming to Periscope and/or Twitter, you should also consider streaming to Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

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