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The BoxCast Platform

We know that live streaming is complicated, risky, and expensive.

That's why BoxCast is the only company that offers an end-to-end streaming platform.

You don't have to be a networking and cloud guru or hire a full video truck to stream live. Other streaming services rely on third party hardware and software to get your stream going. At BoxCast, we built our entire infrastructure from beginning to end, giving you unprecedented levels of compatibility.

Video Acquisition Made Simple

Organizations need simplicity. BoxCast delivers easy acquisition.

Plug-n-Play Device

iPhone & iPad

Scoreboard Connectivity

BoxCast can acquire your video from numerous sources, including any camera or video mixer plugged into the BoxCaster, or any encoder that supports RTMP. BoxCast can also overlay scoreboard visuals in the cloud.

No one else makes it this easy to acquire live video.

Video Production With A Professional Look

Organizations need to build their brand. BoxCast makes it easy to produce high quality video.

Cloud Video Editing

Score Overlays

Pro Tools

BoxCast gives you the tools to use pro-grade mixing equipment, integrate scoreboard overlays, or add graphic overlays from our online dashboard.

Advanced Compression Provides Higher Quality Video

Higher frame rates, better picture quality.

3x More Picture Data
(One single “best” resolution)

Better Picture Quality
(1080p h.264 high profile level 4.2)

Higher Frame Rates Provide Smoother Video Playback.
Don't settle for less!

BoxCast uses advanced hardware compression, which is far superior when encoding live video, to deliver the highest quality video possible.

Because of our proprietary cloud transcoder architecture, we are able to send a single "best" resolution video up to the cloud, as opposed to other solutions that transcode at your site. Our solution avoids saturating your site's uplink bandwidth. Our cloud servers then provide the necessary scaled resolutions depending on the viewer's bandwidth.

This all enables higher framerates with more pixels, letting your fans watch that curveball the whole way to the plate!

Organizations need Network Tolerance.

Every local network is different. Even the best networks aren’t flawless.

1/3 The Bandwidth

Advanced Protocol

Centralized Troubleshooting and Proactive Monitoring

BoxCast wasn't satisfied with the status-quo for transferring video. So we invented and patented BoxCast Flow, which only requires 1/3 the bandwidth, resulting in less congestion and a better quality picture.

With everything we do, we're data obsessed. We monitor metrics across the entire streaming lifecycle meaning we can troubleshoot problems before you even know they're happening.

Organizations need Compatibility with everything.

Your viewers just want the video to work with no buffering.

Any Network

Any Location

Every Device

It's the little details that matter, like the fact that our graphic overlays are embedded directly into video by our cloud transcoder so they work on every device and are always in-sync with the video.

Most streaming providers choose something off the shelf (like Wowza). We've engineered our own cloud transcoder to be faster and more compatible across our platform, and it also allows us to pass significant cost savings on to you.

Your Organization Needs Capacity & Scalability.

Capacity for any size audience
(1s to 1,000,000s)

Scalability for any number of simultaneous events

Our advanced Content Distribution Network (CDN) can scale to handle any size audience (1s to 1,000,000s).

This scale is provided for every customer, large or small, and allows you to stream any number of simultaneous events.

You want a great Viewer Experience.

BoxCast is obsessed with giving you and your viewers a first-class experience at every step.

Live DVR allows you to pause and rewind

Flashless Player gives the highest quality picture available

Cloud Video Editing lets you polish your events

Multi-Site App for high-reliability playback

Custom league showcase pages

Apple TV and Roku apps put your content everywhere

Organizations want people to be Aware.

Keep your video on your own web site or use our tools to promote it - your choice!

Flexible Embedding

Capture and Share Live Highlights

Social Media Promotion

All organizations want to build their Brand.

Some organizations want to make Money.

No ads or rights blackouts

Best-in-class ticketing experience

Free or Ticketed? We provide the best of both worlds

What can the BoxCast Platform do for you?

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