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How to Add Graphic Overlays to Your Live Stream

ENhance your broadcasts

Graphic Overlays allows you to add production value and enhance the viewer experience of your broadcast. Add a logo or watermark to the corner of your broadcast or put up the name of a speaker with a lower thirds graphic. Upload any PNG image to the overlays editor on BoxCast’s Dashboard then push it to the live broadcast. Overlays can be a great way to recognize sponsors, promote upcoming activities, or feature basic advertisements. BoxCast’s Graphic Overlays feature allows you to add up to five graphics to the broadcast at once.


HOW it works



  1. Browse to the broadcast details page on the BoxCast Dashboard
  2. Tap the "Overlays" tab
  3. In the Overlay gallery section, drag and drop or browse to upload an image from your computer. 
  4. Hover over the newly uploaded image and tap the "Add Overlay" button. 
  5. Drag-and-drop or resize in the canvas to position the image how you'd like.
  6. Click "Apply Changes"
  7. Note: the overlay is applied against real time, so it takes approximately 30-60 seconds for changes to appear to viewers in the video player

Overlays Specs:

  • Images must be PNG format and less than 5MB in size.
  • The recommended resolution for full sized images is 1920x1080. 
  • Transparency in the image is supported

Watch our video to learn more


How you can use it

Check out the samples below to see some of the different ways you can use Graphic Overlays during your broadcasts: 



Lower thirds are a great way to introduce your speakers, hosts, or guests for your broadcasts. It can be as simple as a name and title, or include more complex visuals with promotions for your broadcasts.



A simple logo placed in one of the corners of your broadcasts is a great way to reinforce your brand. 



You can overlay full screen graphics for a variety of purposes. Before your stream begins, you can overlay a pre-roll graphic with transparency, like the one below, to give your viewers the impression that the stream will begin momentarily. If there are any intermissions or pauses during your broadcasts, you can use full screen images to fill the break. Lastly, once your event is over you can use a full screen image to indicate the end of your stream. 

Full Slate.png


You can also use multiple overlays during breaks of your broadcasts to recognize your sponsors, and update viewers on other events happening in your community. 



Want to broadcast with an easy-to-use, online graphic overlays solution? Learn more about our Graphic Overlays feature and request a demo to see it in action. 



Overlays aren't the only way you can enhance your broadcasts. Learn how to level up your live streams with our downloadable guide:  Leveling Up: How to Advance Your Live Streaming Strategy. 

Level Up Cover.png

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