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Why Churches Want Lower Thirds In Their Video

This post makes the case for using lower thirds in your streaming production for your church or ministry. It's part of our series on church live...

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The Best Live Video Streaming Equipment for Your Church

Ministries around the country are finding the value in live streaming, as it allows them to reach and engage their communities in ways they weren't...

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Extend Your Reach with RSS Feeds

If your organization is looking to repurpose content you're already livestreaming, sharing an RSS feed is an easy way to start. This post explains...

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Live Streaming Spotlight: One Day University

Customer: One Day University – New York, NY

What They Stream: Live talks starring the United States and Canada's top professors.

Where They Stream: ...

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How to Collect Donations with Your Live Stream

This post covers how you can use your live stream to monetize your events with donations and fundraising. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

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How to Add Automated Captions to Your Live Stream

This post explores the wider range of options for adding captions to your broadcast. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

Captioning your...

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How to Fix Audio Issues on Your Live Stream

Have you ever watched a video with no or really bad audio? Whether it's play-by-play commentary during a sporting event or a church choir singing its...

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What Upload Speed Do I Need to Live Stream?

This post explores identifying upload speeds required for broadcasting, finding your current bandwidth, and troubleshooting potential connection...

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How to Add Announcer Audio to Your Sports Live Streams

This post talks about the audio equipment needed to add announcers to your broadcast. It's part of our series onsports live streaming.

Live sports...

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Connecting with Millennials: 5 Best Practices for Churches

This guest post covers how churches can engage with millennials. The article is brought to you by our friends at Vision2, a giving engagement...

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7 Types of Camera Shots You Need to Film Church Services

This post talks about video production tips for framing individuals in your church live stream. It's part of our series on church live streaming. 


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Roland V-1HD Video Switcher: A Customer Review

This post is a video review of the Roland V-1HD Video Switcher. It's part of our series on live streaming equipment.

We recently incorporated the ...

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How to Choose the Right Microphone for Your Pastor

This post talks about the advantages of different types of microphones for your church including headset, gooseneck, lavalier, and shotgun...

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