BoxCast Integrations

How to Integrate BoxCast with ProPresenter

Thousands of organizations use ProPresenter for enhancing events with top quality presentations and production elements. This post will teach you how to set up your workflow to integrate BoxCast and ProPresenter. It's part of our series on BoxCast Integrations.

Because BoxCast uses the BoxCaster to encode video, there's no need to purchase an additional computer to stream. While setups may vary by case, here's the most  basic way to integrate ProPresenter and BoxCast to stream high production video using these two powerful tools.

Integrating ProPresenter and BoxCast

If you have a single camera feed you're using for your live stream, you can use a simple video capture device (like the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle) to take the feed from your camera to your computer with your ProPresenter software.

Note: This capture device can be an external or internal card. The way it connects to your computer varies. 

Using ProPresenter, you can integrate your presentations, add lyrics, and other production elements to your video.

With a HDMI output from your computer, you can then send the production feed from ProPresenter to the BoxCaster which will encode your video. Using the BoxCast platform, you'll be able to stream your production to viewers across multiple destinations.

ProPresenter-BoxCast-Workflow2 - John Wetzel


What if you have more than one camera?

If your video setup contains more than one camera feed, you will need to integrate a video mixer into your workflow in place of the simple video capture device. A video mixer (like the Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD) will allow you to choose between multiple video sources to bring into ProPresenter.


Create an amazing online experience with BoxCast + ProPresenter

You can make your online events just like the in-person service by bringing in lyrics, graphics, and presentations from ProPresenter.

Here's a full list of Blackmagic devices supported by ProPresenter.

Here's more detail of bringing live video into ProPresenter.


BoxCast + ProPresenter