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How to Live Stream Church Services Without Faithlife

With Faithlife sunsetting its Live Stream product in June of 2023, you may be in search of a new streaming provider to help you stay connected to...

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How to Add a Pre-Roll Video to Your Live Stream

When it comes to live streaming, adding a pre-roll video can be a great way to engage your audience and set the tone for your broadcast. In this...

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What is HLS Streaming and When Should You Use it for Live Video?

Understanding streaming protocols can make a huge difference for your broadcast. Latency, reliability of the stream, and accessibility for your...

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Multistreaming: How to Live Stream to Multiple Destinations at Once

Streaming to lots of different platforms and destinations (known in the live streaming industry as simulcasting or multistreaming) can help you reach...

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Stream and Go Live with Prerecorded Videos on Facebook, YouTube, and More — BoxCast Simulated Live

Wouldn’t it be great if you could broadcast a video as if it were live … without it actually being live? If you’re live streaming to Facebook,...

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How to Archive and Store Live Streams

You're a broadcaster who live streams a lot of video content for your viewers. You know streaming live is one of the best ways to increase engagement...

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How to Live Stream to Facebook and YouTube at the Same Time

Social streaming is an incredibly useful way to get your live videos seen by the largest number of people possible. One of the best ways to broadcast...

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How to Add Graphic Overlays to Your Live Stream

At BoxCast, we believe high-quality live streaming should be easy. We're constantly working to provide simpler ways to increase the production...

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Introducing Producer by BoxCast — Web Browser Live Streaming, Virtual Events, and Multistreaming

Picture this: You’re attending a fantastic live event. Maybe it’s a conference, concert, or a game. It’s in person (what a relief!), but if it’s not...

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How to Add a Picture-in-Picture Effect to Your Live Stream

If you’d like to feature a speaker during a presentation, highlight key parts of your broadcast, or just try something fun, you might consider adding...

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BoxCast Flow: The Key to High-Quality, Reliable, and Secure Live Streams

Moments matter — whether it’s the big day, the big game, or the big announcement, significant moments are worth capturing and sharing. Live streaming...

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Enhance Your Broadcasts with BoxCast Features

Here at BoxCast, we're constantly working to release features that help you level up your broadcasts. If you're looking to boost viewer engagement,...

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How to Add Automated Captions to Your Live Stream

This post explores the wider range of options for adding captions to your broadcast. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

Captioning your...

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