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BoxCast Flow: The Key to High-Quality, Reliable, and Secure Live Streams

Moments matter — whether it’s the big day, the big game, or the big announcement, significant moments are worth capturing and sharing. Live streaming helps you do precisely that, by making people who can’t be part of the moment in person still feel like they’re part of the experience. 

When you’re enjoying life’s big moments, the last thing you should have to worry about is the reliability of the stream you’re sharing. With BoxCast, you can trust your live broadcast is going to reach your audience, look great, and be secure. To be absolutely sure of that, we created our own streaming protocol called BoxCast Flow.


So, What Exactly is BoxCast Flow?

Simply put, BoxCast Flow is a smarter protocol for sending your stream data to our cloud. It works with our BoxCaster, Spark, Pro, and Broadcaster app to ensure flawless, professional-quality broadcasts — even if your internet connection is less than ideal.

What Does BoxCast Flow Do and How Does it Work? 

A lot of careful thought, advanced engineering, and hard work went into creating our signature streaming protocol. To spare you the super-technical explanation, we’ll give you the CliffsNotes version of what BoxCast Flow does for your live streams.

If you really want to geek out on the patent-pending, leading-edge technology behind it all, give the BoxCast Flow tech specs a gander and learn more.

Gives You Less Buffering + Better Quality 

Some media protocols only use stream connections (like RTMP or RTSP), which can lead to buffering when your network is congested. Other datagram protocols (such as RTP) prevent buffering, but can suffer from visual and audible distortions (aka artifacts). BoxCast Flow is all about protocol diversity — it uses both stream and datagram transports to take advantage of what works best in each scenario and ensure your video is delivered to viewers without buffering or artifacts.

Fills in the Gaps 

When small network issues mean your video arrives in the cloud out of order, BoxCast Flow’s adaptive recovery retransmits media data to fill in the gaps and make sure you won’t even notice minor network disruptions.

Fill in the gaps

Comes with Built-In Adaptability 

Your internet connection might get better or worse over time. BoxCast Flow’s built-in link quality adjustment automatically adapts to changing conditions, by decreasing your outgoing bitrate to ride through rough patches and increasing your bitrate when things are going well. 

Link Quality Adjustment-1

Secures Your Content 

BoxCast Flow protects your video data from being decoded and prevents routers, switches, and traffic shapers from filtering your stream based on a known protocol. It also safeguards things so no one but you can stream to your audience. In the tech sphere, this is known as obfuscation.

But wait, there’s more! 

Obviously, BoxCast Flow is a game-changing, incredibly sophisticated built-in streaming protocol that lets you stream super-reliable live video without compromising quality or security. But did you know you can control it? 

It’s true — our BoxCast Flow Control feature puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you customize your latency levels to ensure the highest quality possible when your network is lossy or less than great. Watch our video below to see how it works!