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Hybrid Events

How to Extend Your Reach with Hybrid Worship

As in-person attendance gains popularity, houses of worship are faced with the question “Why should I continue to live stream?” The better question...

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How to Live Stream All-Company or Town Hall Meetings

Your all-company meetings are an important opportunity for alignment across teams. They are a chance to instill your culture and build momentum...

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5 Tips for Live Streaming to a Remote Audience

Live streaming helps make people part of the experience when they can’t be present. Here are 5 ways you can optimize your broadcasts to connect with...

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Conferencing and Meeting Video vs Live Video Streaming

This post covers the differences between live video streaming tools like BoxCast and live video meeting (or conferencing) tools like Webex,,...

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Story: How to Share Remote Events with Your Distributed Team

Here's the story of how Venture for America, a national nonprofit based in New York City, made it's events accessible to it's team members across the...

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