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What Is Bitrate (Mbps) And Why Does It Matter In Live Streaming?

This post addresses the term bitrate, explaining how it relates to upload and download speeds and why it's important in live streaming. It's part of...

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The Best Live Video Switchers (Mixers) for Beginners

When it's time to level up your live stream from one to two or more cameras, your production setup adds an additional piece of equipment: a video...

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Why You Need To Improve Your Church Lighting

This post covers best practices and advice for lighting in your church or ministry. It's part of our series on church live streaming.

How much easier...

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The Best Strategy for Buying Live Video Equipment

This post is a summary of the steps that you should consider working through as you purchase new video and audio equipment for your organization....

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How to Promote Your Live Stream

This post talks about four different ways that you can promote your live streams. It's part of our series on how to start live streaming.


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4 Bible Verses That Encourage Technology in Ministry

The link between ministry and technology is not immediately obvious. In fact, it can be easy to question whether technology has any place in the...

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Upload Speeds for 4K Live Streaming

This post covers the factors that influence your ability to broadcast content in 4K and the recommended bandwidth requirements for your 4K stream....

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4K Live Streaming — The Right Questions to Ask

This post covers the factors (including encoding, bandwidth, transcoding, playback, and device compatibility) required to deliver a 4K broadcast to...

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Why is Church Extra Important for Elderly Members?

This post addresses the importance of engaging elderly members of your church. It's the part of our series on church engagement.

Did you know that...

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Hardware vs. Software Video Encoders: Which is Better for Live Streaming?

This post addresses the benefits of using a hardware encoder vs. a software encoder in your live video streaming setup. It's part of our series on ...

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5 Things to Look For When Buying a Video Camera for Live Streaming

This post talks about the features that matter when purchasing a video camera for live streaming. It covers video resolution, outputs, zooming, image...

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How to Upload Documents to Your Live Stream

This post looks at the best ways to upload documents, including presentation slides, agendas, bulletins, and schedules, to better replicate the...

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5 Easy Ways to Improve the Audio of Your Church's Live Streams

This post covers the best cameras, switchers, tripods, and encoders for streaming your church or ministry. It's part of our series on church live...

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