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How to Increase Online Engagement with Live Streaming

It's no secret that live and on demand streaming for organizations has continued to grow every year since it’s been available. The amount of options, gear, styles, tutorials, and services has increased and provides a very rich offering for the end user.

Engaging with your viewers is something that every organization wants, but isn’t easily achieved. It’s not as easy as buying a new encoder or graphics package for Pro Presenter. Online engagement takes a lot of work, a great amount of focus, and clear goals to really be successful.

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How to Create Online Engagement through Live Streaming

There are many types of ways to engage with viewers online. A great place to start is to consider all the different ways that people are currently pursuing you online and all the different ways you want them to pursue you. With these two things in mind, you can create goals for your online presence, and work towards achieving them.

Live streaming is one of the ways your organization can engage with viewers, but can sometimes be seen as a one-way connection. Live streaming won’t create back-and-forth engagement without offering a little more to your viewers. This guide will help you create the bridge for two-way connections in various ways.

Broadcasting Live Video

Live streaming video is one of the best ways to engage with online users. It drives traffic, increases page time visits, and it’s very affordable compared to just a few years ago. Look for a streaming service that has solid customer service, an easy-to-use interface, and the highest quality stream. At BoxCast, we have a free, 14-day trial that allows you to try out all of our features and find the streaming plan that fits your needs.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to provide dynamic content to those visiting your site. They can include an array of resources. Why are the viewers visiting your site? Most likely, you have a reason for them to show up, like a video stream. Once the viewer lands on your page, you can engage further with them by providing a link or opportunity for them to explore all the other resources your website offers. Do you have future events coming up to promote? Classes that need to be registered for? Projects with current volunteer positions open, or the latest content from the creators that is fresh and ready to be consumed? Use this opportunity to promote the rest of your website and your brand.

Video player embedded on a landing page site

Viewer Chat

Chat is an obvious tool that allows for two-way communication. We recommend moderating your viewers' chat while you broadcast your live stream. With a feature like BoxCast's Viewer Chat, you can lead the conversation and connect with viewers individually who need more direct contact. Help promote the content on a stream by adding links, Q&A, or additional info during the event.


House of Worship + Church Engagement

Church Online Platform is a great tool for many churches that are looking to increase engagement and communicate with their viewers in multiple ways. They offer chat, a place to upload speaker notes, a Bible app, and the ability to add links for things like donations. This tool is a super easy way to create an engaging online experience, and it’s free. You still need a video hosting service, but it’s easy to set up and integrate.

Social Media

Of course we don’t need to tell you that social media is a prime spot for online engagement. We're all familiar with the different leading platforms and why people like to be on them. The two most popular for streaming are Facebook and YouTube. They both have live streaming capabilities and allow you to notify all of your followers when you go live. We’ve seen a lot of popularity in streaming to these destinations, but broadcasters often have an end goal of leading the viewer to their website. The engagement is high on social media, but there are a few trade offs: needing a moderator for each platform's chat, heightened copyright concerns, and easily distracted viewers. However, you can try multistreaming to both your site and a few social platforms to learn what works best for your audience. See why you should be multistreaming to social media.

Multistreaming live video to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube

Lead Gathering

Lead gathering is a great technique because often online attendees want to be contacted later with additional helpful content. By providing a form for viewers to enter their email address, you can allow them to opt-in to a newsletter or other emails with links to more opportunities within your organization and new content. You could easily start with a Google or Wufoo form. Consider adding a form to your landing page.

Though live and on demand streaming are very important and a great way to share your content, adding streaming alone to your website won’t necessarily produce the results you want. Always work to understand what your visitors are looking for, and then tailor your online engagement and content to meet their needs.


Do I need to pay for a streaming service?

There are many streaming services out there that offer streaming for free, such as Facebook and Youtube. However, you’ll benefit from a professional-grade streaming service for multiple reasons.

What is the best live streaming chat service to use?

BoxCast offers Viewer Chat with all of our paid plans at no additional cost. It includes features like moderator privileges, profanity filters, and chat rate limits.

What kind of companies benefit from streaming events online?

Live streaming can benefit just about anyone. BoxCast serves all kinds of organizations such as sports teams, schools, houses of worship, local government and businesses.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

With a few video production, broadcasting management, and marketing techniques, your engagement will increase as you produce more quality videos. Find more helpful resources for live streaming and viewer engagement with these guides: