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3 Big Reasons Your High School Needs To Be Live Streaming

This post talks about the benefits of streaming for sports including creating revenue, increasing engagement, and involving students. It's part of our series on sports live streaming.

Sports streaming is taking the world by storm. Think of any pro sports game you’ve wanted to watch. If you can’t get tickets to the game, you watch it live. If it’s not on TV, chances are that you can find the game streaming online. Live streaming makes every game that much more accessible to fans, wherever they are.

No longer is this technology just for the pros though. More and more high schools across the country have started streaming their games. This post dives into three big reasons that your high school should start live streaming its games online.

1. New Revenue 

For decades, increasingly tight budgets have forced high schools to eliminate extracurricular activities and increase required participation fees to make ends meet. This financial squeeze puts a tremendous burden on parents and creates barriers that prevent countless kids from getting involved in athletics.

With the ability to monetize your content, BoxCast’s live streaming platform combats this issue. Schools across the country have generated thousands of dollars in new revenue through sponsorships, tickets, or alumni donations to spend however they’d like.

2. Increased Engagement

Hardly anyone will watch the recording of a game after it's done; the thrill of the game is totally gone. If you want to increase viewer engagement, you have to do it live.

When you live stream your games, you ensure that the family and friends of your students, your community, and your fanbase never miss another event. Your streams let them stay engaged no matter where life takes them.

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3. Student Involvement

Streaming isn’t only an asset for your viewers; it can also provide your students with amazing hands-on opportunities in broadcasting, production, videography, and journalism.

With broadcast journalism and technology classes already in place at a lot of schools, hands-on experience compliments what students are learning in class. And the results are impressive: schools with successful student broadcasting programs, like Cleveland’s Saint Ignatius High School, have seen alumni turn sports broadcasting into their professional careers.  

Never before has it been so easy for sports teams to share important moments with their fans who can’t make it in person. Live streaming is not only a fantastic way to engage your fan base, but it’s also a game-changing opportunity to earn additional revenue and enrich your students’ out-of-the-classroom experiences. 


Final Thoughts + Further Reading

If generating revenue is a top consideration for your school, you're not alone. Be sure to read How to Turn Your Games into Pay-Per-View Events to see how easy it is to charge for your online events.