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Live Streaming by Industry

How to Turn Your Games into Pay-Per-View Events

When we started working with ECAC Hockey in 2015, they were looking for a way to monetize their tournaments outside of traditional ticket sales.

With the help of BoxCast's complete live video streaming platform, ECAC Hockey created a new revenue source that is helping their organization thrive. They monetized their video content and brought some of the best collegiate hockey action in the country to thousands of people who can't be in the stands.

Here's how it works....  


The BoxCast platform makes it easy to set a ticket price for your games. When scheduling your games in advance, simply change the visibility to "Ticketed", and enter in whatever ticket price you'd like.

set a ticket price-01.png


BoxCasterwithCamera.pngOur BoxCaster is a plug-and-play streaming device that takes video from any source ( i.e. camera, switcher, Tricaster) and allows you to stream live in 1080p HD.



Step 3: embed the stream on your website

We give you an embeddable player that you simply copy and paste into your website. You also have the option to add a pre-roll video and game countdown timer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 2.07.34 PM.png

Step 4: market your event 

Promo tools-01.jpg


Step 5: SIT BACK, RELAX, and watch the $$$ roll in

Once your stream is scheduled, your BoxCaster is plugged in, and you've promoted your event, viewers will begin purchasing tickets. From your BoxCast dashboard, you can see how much you've earned and how many tickets you've sold. It's as simple as that!

don't just take our word for it

“Our partnership with BoxCast has been great for ECAC Hockey. BoxCast has served as the official streaming entity for our men’s tournament games and our women’s championship finals. The quality of the product has been excellent, and the service has been extremely prompt and efficient. We look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”

-Stephen R. Hagwell, ECAC Hockey Commissioner


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