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Woman live streaming from home with an iPhone

How to Create a High Quality Live Stream on Your iPhone

In theory, live streaming with an iPhone seems pretty straightforward. You just whip out your phone and tap the record button, right? Not quite. Anyone who’s live streamed from iPhones will tell you there are more factors involved in creating a quality broadcast.

This post breaks down those factors, which include internet, stabilization, audio, and the right platform.

Table of Contents

The Basics: What You Need for a High-Quality Live Stream on iPhone

Paired with a live streaming platform, a mobile device (like an iPhone or iPad) is a reasonable broadcasting source, as long as you:

Not sure where to begin with any of these? Keep reading — you'll be a streaming pro in no time!

Internet for Live Streaming

Internet connection will always be the most important factor in creating a live stream of any kind. It's especially important when streaming from your mobile device.

Unlike other live streaming workflows, which might allow for a wired connection to the internet, your iPhone live stream needs Wi-Fi or cellular data. But Wi-Fi and cellular data can be spotty. Both can fluctuate throughout the duration of your broadcast. Plus, using cellular data can be expensive.

iPhone Wi-Fi settings

To ensure a high-quality broadcast for your live stream on an iPhone, you need an internet strategy. Consider creating a Wi-Fi connection no one else in the building can access to minimize volatility and drops. If you don’t already know what you need, check out the recommended upload speeds for live streaming.

Note: If you can, you might want to keep your mobile device connected to power during your stream. A long live stream from your iPhone can drain your battery.

Image + Video Stabilization

You may think you have a steady hand. That's all well and good, but a tripod with a phone clip will always be steadier. A wobbly live stream makes for a bad viewing experience. Do your audience a favor — put your iPhone on a tripod.

Person streaming with an iPhone attached to a desktop tripod

Live Stream Audio

For a high-quality broadcast, you won't want to rely on audio from your iPhone's built-in microphone. There are better options to integrate professional-sounding audio into your live stream.

For one, if you’re producing your broadcast in a location with built-in microphones and you have access to an audio mixer, you can send a feed from your audio mixer.


This is a great thing to do if you're live streaming from your phone and want to connect the high-quality audio you're already mixing.

How to Send Audio from a Mixer to an iPhone or iPad

There are several different ways to do this, but these two methods work best for us:

Method 1: USB

Use the USB interface on your mixer to plug in a USB cable and connect it to a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter, which plugs right into your phone. We like this adapter because:

  • You can charge your phone while receiving the mixed feed (which is especially useful when you're streaming longer events).
  • USB is super versatile and can be used to connect other things to your phone.

Method 2: XLR

Don't have a USB interface on your mixer? Use the XLR output. Connect that to a Senal XLR to USB interface, then output USB to the aforementioned Lightning to USB 3 adapter, which connects to your phone the same way as the first method.

A Lightning to USB 3 adapter serves a variety of other purposes as well. For example, if you need to connect a studio microphone to your laptop, it gives you the ability to monitor incoming audio with headphones, adjust the gain, and provide phantom power if you need it.

Audio + Microphone Alternatives for Mobile Live Streaming

Want something a little more mobile? Connect a microphone to your stream:


The Right Broadcasting Platform

To stream on your mobile device, you need to use an app — like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Live, or BoxCast’s Broadcaster app.

Many apps are limited in their functionality. Most cap out at a resolution of 720p30 and only send your stream to a single destination. Read on to see how the top mobile live streaming apps compare.

Chart: Live Streaming App Comparison

App Max Resolution Encoding Destinations
BoxCast Broadcaster 1080p 60fps HEVC Unlimited
Facebook Live 720p 30fps H.264 Facebook only
Twitter 720p 30fps H.264 Twitter only
YouTube Live 1080p 60fps H.264 YouTube only


Unlike other popular apps, the Broadcaster app is powered by HEVC. This advanced encoding protocol allows for higher-quality streaming with the same bandwidth. Here's more on the differences between HEVC and AVC.

The Broadcaster app is powered by the BoxCast Platform and makes streaming from your iPhone incredibly easy. Schedule events in advance or go live instantly with the tap of a button. With Broadcaster, you can multistream, aka simulcast, to as many destinations as you like.

Person filming a singer and live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter simultaneously on an iPhone

Better still? The Broadcaster app comes with built-in BoxCast Flow. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, BoxCast Flow ensures your video still looks great and reaches your audience. Plus, it only requires half the bandwidth that most other streaming providers do.


How do I live stream from an iPhone to Facebook or YouTube?

You can use Facebook or YouTube, but if you want more options, you can use the Broadcaster app for iOS. With Broadcaster, you can easily stream to Facebook, YouTube, and other destinations in a few clicks, and broadcast directly to multiple pages and channels without needing extra bandwidth.

How can I improve live stream audio from my iPhone?

To live stream professional audio from your phone, you’ll need a way to convert it. We recommend using an audio interface like the iRig Pro I/O to convert something like XLR to the Lightning connector on your iPhone.

What’s the best live streaming app for iPhone?

Free with any BoxCast streaming subscription plan, the Broadcaster app for iOS delivers high-quality, 1080p60 live streaming. It’s easy to use, plus you can stream to unlimited social destinations.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

The cameras on mobile phones and tablets are getting better all the time. In 2014, you couldn't broadcast video from your phone. Even if you could, it wouldn't be HD video. Nearly a decade later, you can not only broadcast, but also get a crisp, professional-looking picture.

While video quality is dramatically better and simpler, it still helps to learn tips and tricks from the pros when live streaming from your iPhone. Check out these helpful posts to get the best-quality broadcasts on your mobile device: