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Live Streaming by Industry (4)

Live Streaming Spotlight: Capital University

Customer: Capital University, Bexley, Ohio

What they Stream: Athletics

Live Streaming Goals: High-quality video to stay ahead of the curve


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Live Streaming Spotlight: Media Tree

Customer:Media Tree, Muscatine, IA

What they Stream:A morning show based in a grocery store, highlighting the community

Live Streaming Goals: ...

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How to Stream Government Meetings to Facebook & YouTube Live

This post addresses streaming public meetings to multiple destinations including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other social destinations. It's...

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Live Streaming Spotlight: Andrew College

Customer: Andrew College, Cuthbert, GA

What they Stream: School-wide events and eight different sports

Live Streaming Goals: Engaging alumni and the...

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Should I Stream My City Council Meetings on YouTube Live?

This post talks about the pros and cons of streaming your public meetings to YouTube Live. It's part of our series on local government live streaming.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: City of Lindsborg, KS

Customer: City of Lindsborg, KS

What they Stream: City Council meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Keeping residents informed

The Setup: One camera in the...

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Live Streaming Spotlight: City of Hardeeville, SC

Customer: City of Hardeeville, SC

What they Stream: City Council and Committee meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Government transparency

The Setup:...

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Live Streaming Spotlight: Rockdale County, GA

Customer: Rockdale County, GA

What they Stream: Board of Commissioners Meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Public Meeting Transparency, Workplace...

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Why Your City Council Videos Must Be High Definition (HD)

This post addresses the state of government video and makes the case that your government needs to be streaming in high definition. It's part of our...

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What to Look for in a Local Government Website Video Player

This post talks about what governments should be looking for in an embedded video player on their website. It's part of our series on local...

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Why Your City Needs Live Streaming Customer Support

When you stream a live event, there’s a lot on the line. People tuning in from various locations expect a reliable stream. With high expectations...
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3 Questions People Ask About Local Government Live Streaming

This post addresses the three most common questions about local government live streaming including discussions on content types, comment sections,...

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7 Things You Need to Include on Your Sports Team's Website

This post talks about what to include on your team's website. It's part of our series onsports engagement.

The power of a sports team’s website is...

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