Hey, what's up guys my name is Josh and today I'm gonna show you the Magnus VT- 4000: the best tripod you can buy if you're new to video production and live video streaming. I've had mine for about five years now and honestly it's still one of the most reliable pieces of video equipment that I own.
Let's get started. So the reason I love the VT-4000 is because it has all the essential features you need in a video tripod, but unlike most professional video tripods, you won't have to pay the price of a used car. Let's talk about those essential features.
It's super easy to set up in the field unlocking the legs and positioning it doesn't take long at all . It's got a nice fluid head for smooth pans and tilts, reducing any jerkiness in your shots. A fluid head is probably the most important feature you'll need in a video tripod, and it's especially important if you're streaming sports because you'll be panning left and right on the field to follow the action. It's also got this bubble level because in live video streaming you always need to have level shots. Now if you're shooting on an uneven surface you can loosen the tripod head like this and make quick adjustments to level your shots.
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It's got this quick-release sliding plate that allows you to easily slide your camera in and out. I usually just leave this base plate attached to the camera so that it can quickly mount it to the tripod. Another thing I love about this tripod is the mid-level spreader, which allows you to extend the tripod legs quickly and easily when setting it up. The bottom of the tripod has interchangeable rubber and spiked
feet which give you versatility between shooting indoors on a flat surface or shooting outdoors and keeping the legs locked into the ground.
This tripod is made of aluminum and has a nice lightweight durable design. It will last you a long time. Its height ranges 27 inches to 59 inches and it can support up to eight pounds of camera equipment. If you're new to video production this will be plenty for you.
Lastly, it comes at the price of $149.95, which in the world of video production is extremely affordable for a product as reliable as this. If you spend $30 on a tripod you're probably just gonna end up throwing it away.
Well that's it for me but if you have any other questions you can let me know in the comments below or contact me any time here. Thanks so much for watching and happy streaming!

Published by Josh Clemence on January 22, 2018 in Tech Tips

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