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How To Add Lower Thirds On A Roland V1-HD



What's up guys my name is Josh, and today I just want to really quickly show you how to add a lower third to the Roland V1-HD. The reason I'm doing this is that I look all over the internet for an instructional on it and I could not find one. I have the Roland V1-HD here. I have a camcorder as a camera going into input number four. I have a laptop with a full-screen graphic that will serve as


our lower thirds going to input number two, and then on top of that I have a  preview monitor that actually just displaying the output right now and not  the preview mode. So it's actually pretty simple, the way you want to do this.
What  you want to do is you want to take a full-screen graphic like this a 1920 by 1080 image  and you can make that in Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Or you can make  it in PowerPoint, if you wanted to and just show black in the background but  you want your lower third to exist like this with just a pure black background.



So then when you go to key it out and the switcher effects it removes all of the blacks, so it's pretty simple to do it on the switcher if we come over here to the switcher you'll see that if we turn the effects off and we just had the input from the laptop going into the switcher. We go into these effects we put the memory button here and we see effect A: It says black luminance keying. What that's indicating and telling these switchers that we want to remove all blacks from the top image.


So we go ahead, we have that set and then when we go ahead and turn it effect A on. We have camera two, which is our laptop feed, on top and we have camera 4 which is the camera feed on the bottom. We go ahead and turn Effect A on and what's happening is these two are mixing together and all the black is being removed from this topic.


So it's pretty simple all that's happening is you're taking this image that's outputting videos to the switcher and you're removing all the black from it and all that's what's below it is the camera feed. The limit and that you get a lower third. If you have any questions let me know anytime in the comments below.