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5 Ways to Attract New Members To Your Church

This post addresses five easy ways to start attracting new members to your church. It's part of our series on church growth.

You pour your heart into your ministry every day. In an era in which people are often overcommitted and pulled in too many directions, how can you ensure that it reaches the most amount of people?

1. Equip People to Invite Others

One of the most effective ways to welcome new faces into your church is to have them brought by someone they know. A friend, neighbor, or co-worker can provide a level of comfort and ease the sense of isolation that often comes when entering an unfamiliar space for the first time.

Not only should you regularly encourage your members to bring along new faces who could benefit from your ministry, but you should also make it easy for them to do so. This leads us to our next point:

2. Host a "Friends and Family" Day

A Friends and Family Day provides a unique opportunity for you to showcase your ministry to potential new members. In the months leading up to it, build momentum for the day. Encourage your community to reach out to people they know and equip them with invitation cards and flyers so that they have physical materials to share with others. You might even prepare online messaging that people can promote within their own networks.

Many people who aren’t sure if joining a church is right for them will feel at-ease knowing they are not the only unchurched people there. Use the day to encourage these people to come back the following week. You might consider beginning a sermon series that day so that people know what to expect the following week. In the days that follow Friends and Family Day, reach out to the individuals who came to show them that they are important to you. They’ll soon see how they can fit into your community.

3. Stream Services Online

Streaming your services online is one of the most powerful ways to share your ministry with people beyond your church walls. Though current members find immense value in being able to tune into your sermons online when they’re traveling or sick, online sermons are an excellent way to reach and engage potential members, and bring them to your church.



Think about it – 40 million people will move in 2017. When believers look into new neighborhoods, one of the first things they’ll look into are the churches in the neighborhood. Streaming your sermons lets you best convey the spirit and mission of your church. It ensures that your church stands out and gives people a taste of what it’s like to be a part of your community.

Many pastors enjoy the idea of streaming, but think it will reduce in-person church attendance.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Be Worried about Live Streaming Hurting Your Church Attendance

4. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools that let you connect with people in meaningful ways. You can utilize the platforms to share inspirational content, post updates about your church and its events, and even distribute the live streams of your sermons. People can share your church's posts with their own networks, amplifying the impact of your ministry. To learn more about how to leverage social media, check out this [free] guide


5. Challenge People to Serve

Though getting people in the door is important, having a passionate and engaged church body is essential to the vitality of any church. Challenge your community to get involved in the issues that are most meaningful to them. Passionate people want their work to be successful, so they’re likely to invite others to join them and see the fruits of their labor. This is an excellent tactic for organic growth.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Attracting new members to your church should always be a part of your ministry's growth plan. However, it's not the only way to increase your reach. In our series on church growth, we look at other aspects as well.

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