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How to Replace Your Archived Broadcast With a Locally Recorded Video

This post addresses how to replace a recorded live broadcast with a post-produced copy of the same event. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

The outside factors that influence a video produced live differ from those that influence a video recorded live, but produced in post. In a live stream, the video producer takes on extra risks.

The stream is limited by available network connection. Also, if something goes wrong, (a network blip, a bad shot, an off-script comment by the subject), it goes wrong both live and in the recoded version of the live stream. These risks are the big tradeoff for the power of live video.

If you're a video producer for an event, there's a good chance that in addition to your live broadcasts you're recording video for post-production as well. In the long run, you may want the post-produced video to be the video that all non-live viewers see. Here are a few situations where this might be valuable:

Scenario #1

Say you regularly live stream a weekly show on your website. The live stream automatically archives on your website for viewers to watch after it's over.

This week, however, your internet connection had a blip in the middle, giving your live stream packet loss for a minute or two.

Your 2,000 live viewers saw a reduction in quality for a moment, which is unfortunate, but there's nothing you can do about that now.

However, your videos have a long life. You expect that another 10,000 viewers will tune in to watch the recorded version of your video in the next few weeks. Ideally, you would like to provide a better copy of the video in place of the original broadcast.

However, you already have one link that all of your viewers use to view your content. You also don't want to lose track of the analytics from the 2,000 live viewers.


Scenario #2

You regularly live stream your soccer games on a field with a mediocre network connection. You're able to stream in 720p 30fps, which is fine for the live broadcast. However, your equipment allows you to record in 1080p 60fps.

You'd rather your viewers who tune in after the broadcast see the incredible video you record with your high quality equipment. However, you promote the live link on all of your social media. You don't want to confuse your viewers with a second location to watch the recorded version of the same game.


Broadcast Replacements with BoxCast

BoxCast's Broadcast Replacement tool solves these issues. The feature allows video producers to upload post-produced content in place of their archived live stream.

The tool maintains all existing listings links and embeds so your viewers don't have to go anywhere new. It also maintains the analytics from the original broadcast. In fact, your post-produced video will act as if it is just the recorded version of your broadcast, not an entirely separate video.

Here's the article with the details on how it works.



Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Broadcast Replacements is a tool that is great for making sure your broadcast is exactly as you want it. Whether you simply want to replace an error in a live broadcast or simply like your locally recorded video better, Broadcast Replacements makes it easy to exchange your videos.

Here's more on all of the features that come with BoxCast's automatic broadcast archiving.