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Live Streaming Software

How to Get Live DVR for Your Live Stream

This post covers how to allow viewers to DVR your live stream so that they can jump to different sections of the stream while it's live. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

Live streaming video can be a powerful form of content because of it's immediacy and real-time relevance. However, broadcasting a stream live only does not create an ideal viewer experience.

If someone misses the live stream, you should make sure there is an archived version so that they can catch the content after.

Similarly, there are situations when a viewer may need the ability to navigate to different points in the live stream while it's still live. If someone tunes in late, they may still want to catch everything from the beginning. If someone needs to step away for a moment, they may not want to miss content and need to pause it.

Live DVR is the solution for a more user friendly live stream experience.

Live DVR for Your Live Streams

When it comes to Live DVR for your streams, it all depends on the platform you use.

Unfortunately Facebook Live and Twitter do not allow for live DVR, which is one of the several gaps that make each of these social destinations limited as stand-along live streaming platforms.

YouTube Live is the only major social destination with the option for Live DVR. Here's more from them on their live DVR options.

Live DVR on the BoxCast Platform

The BoxCast Platform comes with a flexible DVR option. Viewers can watch the stream live, pause it, and go back to an earlier point in the broadcast.




If there are certain broadcasts where you would like viewers to only see the stream live, you can change the setting for any given broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Live DVR is one of the many features of the BoxCast Platform that improve the viewing experience of a BoxCast broadcast.

Here are a few others:

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