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    Connecting with Millennials: 5 Best Practices for Churches

    May 05, 2019

    This guest post covers how churches can engage with millennials. The article is brought to you by our friends at Vision2, a giving engagement platform for the Church. It's part of our series on church growth.

    Your church has almost certainly heard a lot about the millennial generation, a term that refers to young adults roughly between the ages of 22 and 37. While they may be grouped together in a single generation, it’s impossible to generalize about such a large and varied array of people.

    However, understanding the cultural moment in which millennials have grown up as well as some of the broader interests that many of them have expressed are both important to communicate effectively with them.

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    5 Easy Ways to Raise the Profile of Your Church

    March 04, 2019

    This post talks about five easy ways to connect your church to local media groups. It's part of our series on church growth.

    Have you noticed that the mainstream media outlets in your town tend to publicize a handful of congregations while largely ignoring the others?

    It seems like every newspaper and TV station has a “go-to” congregation and religious leader for each faith. As a result, certain priests, ministers, rabbis and imams are quoted and interviewed over and over....and your voice isn’t being heard.

    Have you ever wondered why? As a former newspaper reporter and editor who’s written many stories about churches, I can tell you how to get coverage.

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    The Unconventional Way this Church is Attracting its Youth

    February 05, 2019

    This post tells the story of a church that made a big investment in it's future by investing in it's youth. It's part of our series on church growth.

    Churches around the country are dealing with the same obstacle: attracting and engaging their church’s youth.

    But the struggle to attract today's youth is often not a direct reflection on a ministry. Instead, we can credit it to the trend that younger members often vanish during those teen years when they’re learning to become independent and are prone to reject things associated with the family. Sadly, that sometimes includes church.

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    Research Shows This is Why People Switch Churches

    January 10, 2019

    This post addresses what the data says about why people move to a new church. It's part of our series on church growth.

    Approximately half of U.S. adults have looked for a new religious congregation at some point in their lives, most often prompted by a move. A 2016 Pew Research Study explored the various reasons why people switch churches and the factors that influence how they find a new one.

    This post dives into the research data to further explain why people switch churches.

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    3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Church

    January 07, 2019

    Here are three ways you can continue to grow your ministry and reach new audiences for your church. It's the centerpiece of our series on church growth.

    If you have fewer than 100 members attend your church on a given weekend, you’re in the majority. In fact, 60% of Protestant churches fall into this category.¹

    Though becoming a mega-church (church bodies that typically attract more than 1,000 adults each weekend) is in no way the goal for most pastors, you probably want your ministry to touch as many people as it can. 

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    5 Ways to Attract New Members To Your Church

    August 29, 2018

    This post addresses five easy ways to start attracting new members to your church. It's part of our series on church growth.

    You pour your heart into your ministry every day. In an era in which people are often overcommitted and pulled in too many directions, how can you ensure that it reaches the most amount of people?

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    What Can Your Church Do to Attract Young Adults?

    August 13, 2018

    This post covers some of the best ways to reach out to young adults adults and engage them in your ministry and community. It's part of our series on church growth.

    If you ever feel like your church struggles to attract and keep young adults as they transition into adulthood, you’re not alone. Churches around the world struggle with this same thing.

    Many young people are less likely than older generations to be religiously affiliated or believers. Some can be resistant to outreach and others are even downright hostile to organized religion. Yet, their participation in the ministry is essential to the future of churches.

    So what can you do?

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