Sports trophies are a great way to get attention for your school and build rivalries

Wacky trophies actually mean something. 

College sports rivalries develop for all sorts of reasons: Geography. Winning tradition. Insults exchanged on Twitter.

No matter the genesis, healthy rivalries are worth cultivating. They stir and maintain fan passion, especially among alums, students, corporate sponsors and the season-ticket base.

The victor claims bragging rights for a year, and sometimes a trophy that changes hands between the two schools.

So, before you call another team out on social media to trigger a rivalry, get creative. Come up with a trophy, no matter how contrived and ridiculous.

Among our college football favorites:  

The Old Brass Spittoon

Yes, you heard right. Indiana and Michigan State have beaten each other up since 1950 for the right to take home a loogie holder that, as legend has it, has been around since the two institutions were founded in the 1800s.

The Telephone Trophy

Iowa State and Missouri battle for a trophy topped by a phone that’s half gold (for Mizzou) and half red (for the Cyclones.) The story goes that coaches from both teams could hear each other on the field phones before the 1959 game. The problem was fixed by game time, but the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. had a trophy made and legend was born.

The Keg of Nails

Louisville and Cincinnati have battled for the prestigious Keg of Nails since 1929. It’s believed that fraternity chapters on both campuses initiated the exchange, signifying the winning team is “tough as nails.”

The Platypus Trophy

Mash-up a University of Oregon Duck with an Oregon State Beaver and what do you get? In 1959, a U of O fine arts student came up with The Platypus Trophy the two schools play for to this day.  

Published by Sports Content Team on September 24, 2015 in Sports

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