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Sports Live Streaming

Teammates on a court playing basketball

The 4 Reasons Basketball is the Best Sport to Stream

This post talks about the audio equipment needed to add announcers to your broadcast. It's part of our series on sports live streaming.

There’s little sports fans love more than passionately fighting about issues that have no real winner: the best sports team, the best sports city, the best sport. (All answers are obviously secondary to the Cavaliers, Cleveland, basketball).

Though those topics may be heavily contested, there's one thing we're certain of: when it comes to streaming, basketball is easiest. 

In an ideal world, every fan would be able to attend every game. But unfortunately, the logistical nightmares of away games, jobs, and other commitments can keep people out of the stands. Live video streaming your games is a great way to let people tune directly into the action, wherever they are.

If you want to stream but don’t know where to start, we suggest starting with basketball. Here are the four reasons why:

1. It's Inside

The main reason that streaming basketball is so effortless is because it’s played in your gymnasium. With indoor setups, you can easily hook your BoxCaster to a hardline connection. Unlike with certain wireless setups, using an ethernet cord guarantees a reliable internet connection and a more reliable stream.

2. You already Film Your Games

Most teams film every game - doing so lets them analyze holes in their offense and defensive strategies. Plus, it’s a great tool for recruiters. If your camera is already set up, why not plug it into your BoxCaster? With just one step, you can stream the footage you’re already capturing to an unlimited of people who want to watch it.

3. You can Stream Girls and Boys Hoops

Unlike baseball vs softball or football vs (nothing), streaming basketball is great because you can use the same setup to film all your games - for boys and girls alike. Every player has a family and friends who want to watch their game but can’t make it. By streaming both genders, you’ve immediately doubled your viewing audience.

4. Opportunity for Student Broadcasters

Streaming your games is an awesome way to expose your students to the world of sports broadcasting. For the students who aren’t on the court, commentating on the games is a great way to get involved and develop skills outside the classroom.


Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Whether you’re new to live video streaming or you’ve tried it in the past with little success, we want to help. This free guide will answer all your basic questions and get you started on the right foot: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Sports Streaming Game.

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Image Source: Danny Baza Blas