Sports Uniforms Are More Important Than You Think in the Sports Streaming World

As the academic year comes to a close, athletic directors and coaches alike can rejoice -  the season has arrived to shop for new uniforms.

Oregon’s Ducks, Cleveland’s beloved Browns, and even North Sacramento youth football all know there’s nothing better than tossing out the mothball-laden ones and getting some new, hip threads.

Lots of thought goes into this decision. Are the colors right? Does the logo best represent your brand? What will the fans think? Today’s popularity of video streaming throws one new question into the mix - will your online community be able to see the jerseys?

Uniform Numbers Must Be Seen

In the name of fashion, fonts and color combinations have made jerseys unreadable - even from up close. Dark numbers on darker jerseys may look cool in the locker room, but you can be sure to expect calls from angry parents and fans who can’t see their favorite players on the stream, even with an HD broadcast.

Ira Thor, Director of Sports Information at New Jersey City University, has created a slideshow spotlighting exactly this issue. Some teams admit to choosing these confusing colors on purpose, hoping to make their film more difficult for opponent coaches to scout.

Avoid Unnecessary Penalties

But different leagues, including the NCAA, have pre-established rules regarding this issue. As Ty Halpin, NCAA Associate Director for Playing Rules and Officiating, comments, “no basketball referee really wants to start the game with a technical foul because the numbers may be a little difficult to see.”

Uniforms play a big role in how your team presents itself to the world.

Uniforms and Live Video Streaming

As streaming enables you to showcase your team to an even bigger audience, it becomes imperative that you design your uniforms with your online fans in mind.

Your broadcast teams are working hard to share your games with the world. Parents and fans are watching the contests on their laptops, phones and big screen televisions. Don’t disappoint them with monochromatic jerseys and unreadable numbers.

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Published by Mike Donlin on May 28, 2015 in Sports

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