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How to Make Highlight Clips with BoxCast

The uncertainty of what will happen in any sports game is what keeps fans hooked. 

No two face-offs are ever the same, as there’s always the chance for the underdog to make a comeback, the opportunity for a nail-biting buzzerbeater, or the possibility for a team to make history. Sports are magical, and we can’t get enough.

When one of these amazing plays happen, we want to watch it over and over again, reliving the glory of that single moment. It’s why BoxCast just released the ability to capture live highlight clips. This post explains how to use the new feature.  

Live Video Highlights

(Note: live capture is only available in Google Chrome)

As soon as something noteworthy happens, clip and share it to keep your audience engaged and recruit more viewers!


  1. From the BoxCast Dashboard, click into your live event.
  2. Click the camera icon in the video player control bar to capture a highlight at the point you're currently watching.
  3. You can use the live DVR feature to rewind back to capture highlights from recent action.
  4. Select a duration for the clip and whether it is before or after the time you selected.
  5. Name your highlight and click “Preview Highlight” to ensure that you’ve captured the entirety of your moment.

Archived Video Highlights

You can also go back after the event is over to clip and share additional highlights or edit any highlights you captured during the live event.

  1. From the BoxCast dashboard, click into the archived video from which you’d like to create a highlight clip.
  2. Click the “Edit Highlight Clip” button on the right panel. From here, you can either edit an existing highlight clip or capture a new highlight clip.
  3. Drag the yellow sliders to reduce the length of the clip. If you’d like to make your highlight more precise, you can use the “zoom” feature to dive into your clip.
  4. Each highlight can capture up to 5 minutes (300 seconds) of action. (Note that times may be rounded by up to 10 seconds by the system in order to align with video key frames.)
  5. Name your highlight, give it a description, and click “Preview Highlight” to ensure that you’ve captured the entirety of your moment.


Sharing Highlights

After you've captured the action, it’s important to share your highlight! Otherwise, nobody will be able to see what you’ve clipped. BoxCast allows you to easily share the clips on social media or embed them on your own website or blog to promote them.

Click on a highlight clip to see sharing options.

  • We’ve made it easy to share on Twitter and Facebook. Just click the icon to post a link to your followers. They'll get to watch the clip and then have the option to watch other highlights or the entire event.
  • To send the link to someone not on Twitter or Facebook, just copy the link and text it or send in an email.
  • To embed a listing of all the highlight clips for a channel or single event on your website, click on the Embed section, then select the "Highlight Grid" option.

We always strive to build the features that our customers want. We hope you find the Live and Archived Highlights feature beneficial. For other ways to get the most out of your BoxCast experience, check out these 6 Awesome Features of the New BoxCast Dashboard.


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