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How to Bulk Schedule Live Streams in Advance

This post outlines how to schedule both recurring and irregular live streams in advance on various platforms. It's part of our series on BoxCast Features.

Many organizations who live stream do so with some kind of regular cadence. Faith-based organizations often stream weekly at the same time. Sports organizations have a season full of events on various days.

As a broadcaster for an organization that streams multiple events, it's important that your workflow is as easy as possible. Thirty minutes of setup and scheduling each time you go live can turn into dozens of hours of your time very quickly.

As you build out your plan for live streaming, you should consider the ability to bulk schedule your events upfront to save you time and ensure that live streaming remains easy for your organization.

How to Schedule Live Streams in Advance

Your ability to schedule broadcasts in advance depends on your streaming platform. Generally, if you're streaming only to a social destination, your scheduling options will be fairly limited.

On Facebook Live, you can schedule broadcasts in advance, but only up to a week in advance. On YouTube, you can also schedule streams in advance. Unlike Facebook Live, YouTube has no limit on how far in advance you can schedule them.

Here's more on Facebook

Here's more on YouTube

Neither platform allows for bulk or recurring scheduling, meaning that every broadcast will require a separate setup.

On Periscope (Twitter) there is no functionality for scheduling broadcasts in advance. If you're not using a live streaming platform like BoxCast to stream to Periscope destination, you can only set up your broadcast as you go live.

How to Schedule Live Streams in Advance with BoxCast

With BoxCast, however, there are several options for bulk scheduling broadcasts to save you and your team time. When you stream with BoxCast, you can schedule both recurring events or irregular events in bulk.

Scheduling Recurring Events

When you have similar events that repeat themselves on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence, you can set up a recurring event within the BoxCast Dashboard.

Need to send the stream to multiple locations? Each repeating scheduled broadcast will automatically carry over the various simulcast destinations. That means you've effectively scheduled a whole series of Facebook Live, YouTube, or Periscope streams in advance.

Here's how it works:


Bulk Scheduling Irregular Events

Not everyone can benefit from the ease of scheduling recurring events. Whether you are a sports team with a chaotic schedule or a government with a bi-monthly schedule, pre-scheduling streams does not have to be difficult. With BoxCast's bulk broadcast scheduling tool, you can still set up future streams in advance.

Here's how it works:

Using a downloadable CSV template, you can create a custom schedule in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs and upload it to BoxCast to automatically schedule broadcasts.

From there, you will receive further formatting instructions to make sure all of your fields upload properly.


Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Multiple options for pre-scheduling broadcasts help ensure an easy live streaming workflow for broadcasters.

We also make streaming painless by simulcasting to multiple destinations, automatically archiving all streams as recorded broadcasts, and offering a one-time website embed.

Happy Streaming! 😃