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Five Ways to Ensure Fans Find Your Sports Stream


We’re all seeing it happen - streaming is taking off. Whether it’s people bingeing on Netflix or listening to their favorite tunes on Spotify, this popular technology gives us what we want when we want it.

Many sports teams are mirroring onto this phenomenon - we're seeing more teams, tournaments and schools streaming their games. Parents everywhere want to watch their kid score the winning goal. Fans will pay to see their favorite team in the playoff game.

Your audience is ready. It’s on you to make sure they can see your sports stream when they want it. Here are five ways you can help your audience find your stream.

1. Let Opponents Know You’re Streaming

Your fans may know where to find your stream, but that's just half of your potential audience. While your opponent’s fans are probably less likely to attend your game in person, there’s a good chance they want to see the action. Be sure to give your opponents a heads-up that you stream your games. It’s an easy way to double your audience with minimal effort.

2. Use Bold Buttons

When you stream your games, don’t hide them from people! Use bold fonts, colors and buttons to make it obvious. Tell your fans about the LIVE VIDEO. It’s a hot trend, and people want to be a part of it.

3. Link to Schedule / Scoreboards

Most sports content management systems make it easy to link your live video streams to your schedule and scoreboards. Your fans use these schedules and scoreboards to keep up with your team anyway, so using these as links to your video makes it easy for people to tune into the action.

4. Offer Live Stats

Nobody likes watching a game without the score. With live-action statistics from companies like PrestoSports, Sidearm Sports and Sport Ngin, it’s becoming easier and easier to integrate live statistics right into your video.

5. Create a Streaming Page

Creating a sports streaming page gives your viewers a single location to find any stream that you’ve ever captured. Different companies handle this in different ways. Some create portals or will create an “all-stream” page from their company website. Others offer widgets that allow organizations to stream everything right from their own website.

You’re putting time into your broadcasts. Make sure the intended audience can find it.


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