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3 Reasons Why You Should Stream: A Swimmer's Perspective

As a high school swimmer, I spent countless hours in the water. Our exhausting practice schedule proved worthwhile during weekly swim meets and larger competitions.

For my team and me, meets were a fun opportunity to showcase our ability, earn respect, and meet other swimmers.

The magic of meets was lost on some people, however. For many of our parents, meets meant spending a long day or night in an uncomfortably humid facility. And no matter how much they loved us, many of our parents couldn’t justify sacrificing entire days to watch us swim, especially when we might have only competed in a few events.

This post explains why, from a swimmer’s perspective, more facilities should stream their meets.


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Many Fans Can’t Attend

No matter how much a parent wants to cheer on their kid in person, many factors prevent them from doing so. Some have other children to care for; many have jobs that conflict with meet times. Other parents simply can’t afford the cost and time required to attend swim competitions.

Streaming is a great way for distanced friends and family members to cheer for their swimmer without having to sit through hours of events that aren’t relevant to them. It allows them to watch from anywhere, on any device.

Streaming Helps Promote Swimming

As a swimmer, I love when people are captivated by the sport. It’s why the Summer Olympics were so much fun – the mainstream media finally shed some much-deserved light on swimming. When you stream year-round swim meets and competitions, you help promote the sport as a whole.

Streaming makes it easy for more people to tune in and get excited about the various events, attracting the attention of other teams and facilities, and even inspiring new generations of swimmers. I would never have started swimming if I hadn’t had the chance to watch Michael Phelps compete.

Facilities Can Generate Revenue

Regardless of whether your facility charges a ticket price to attend a swim meet, you can always set a ticket price to access the online stream. Ticketing live streams would be a great way to raise funds for team apparel, a new pool heater, or to cover travel costs for other competitions. To learn how easy it is to set a ticket price, click here.

By live video streaming swim meets and competitions, schools and athletic centers can engage parents and other would-be attendees who, for whatever reason, can’t be present. As a swimmer, it’s clear that the marriage of swimming and streaming has been a long time coming.

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