BoxCast Success Stories

Venture for America — New York City, NY

Venture for America Fellows Gather at Training Camp

Though growing pains can induce changes that catapult an organization onto its next phase of success, they can also test its core spirit and even lead to its demise. If not managed properly, alignment, transparency, and identity are all at stake.

Venture for America, a nonprofit that recruits and trains top college graduates to help revitalize emerging cities through entrepreneurship, is one such company that found themselves at a turning point in their trajectory. Over the course of just 18 months, their team doubled in size, growing from 10 to 20 people.

Though this type of rapid growth can poke holes in any organization, its effects were amplified by the nature of Venture for America (VFA) in particular: at several points throughout the year, this small organization finds their team spread all over the country.

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Saint Ignatius High School — Cleveland, OH


leveland's Saint Ignatius High School has a longstanding tradition of athletic excellence. What many people don't know is the story of how the Saint Ignatius Broadcasting Network (SIBN) started, and how it became the single largest student-operated high school sports broadcasting outlet in Ohio.

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La Salle High School — Cincinnati, OH


If you're familiar with high school football, then you know all about the La Salle Lancers—back-to-back Ohio state football champions with a pure drive for greatness. There’s a common theme that runs throughout La Salle High School: a sense of school pride that motivates students, teachers, administrators, parents and alumni to be the best. It’s that unique pride that allows for an innovative broadcast program to blossom at a stellar academic school.

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