Jenny had been a faithful weekly attender of her local church—pouring into the lives of her family, friends, and the community around her with the love of Jesus. When she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the treatment plan ahead was a long and hard road. Through the multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, her immunity was so low that she was unable to attend services on Sunday mornings. Thankfully, her church provided Jenny the capability to still participate in worship through live video streaming every service.  Thus, in Jenny's darkest hour, she still was able to be blessed and encouraged by the ministry of the church from afar. She witnessed her church family lift her up in prayer every week.
By God's grace Jenny was able to beat cancer and continue her ministry in-person in the church.
The thing is, Jenny is my mom. She's an incredible woman that inspires me everyday. I am so grateful that our church could extend their love and ministry to her, encouraging her through the toughest time of her life.



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