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Man watches video of church service on computer

Why Should Your Church Consider Video Storytelling?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been captivated by storytelling. In fact, research from Emory University shows that the way our brains process stories is different from the way they process anything else.

It’s why sometimes we remember vivid details from a story even days after we’ve heard it. Stories stay with us in a way that other information simply cannot.

In that vein, is it time for your church to begin telling more stories? Using video to do so offers the chance to reach audiences in new ways and present richer, more engaging content. This post explains why video is so important and lists several ways to incorporate video storytelling at your church.


What's the Value of Video?

Video can deliver complete, exciting, and shareable content. In a short amount of time, a well-crafted video can generate a wide array of emotions, possibly even prompting someone to reflect deeply on what your church means to them.

Furthermore, a video can leave an impact long after it's published. When you upload a video to sites like YouTube or Vimeo, it lives forever (or for however long as you keep it there) so that you increase the amount of eyes that see your content.

People might even choose to share your video with their own networks, introducing your ministry to new souls who you may not have reached on your own. In this way, video storytelling maximizes the impact of your ministry.

What Are Some Ways Your Church Can Use Video?

  • If you’re undertaking a fundraising campaign, a video story will allow you to present a compelling case.  
  • If your church is celebrating a significant anniversary or achievement, use a video to share it with the community at large.
  • Is a church leader retiring or moving on? A video tribute is a wonderful way to say goodbye and allow people in the congregation to be part of it.
  • Does your church organize service trips or support an overseas mission? A video can show the congregation the good work it accomplishes.
  • Want to give potential members a glimpse into what your community is like? Share moments from sermons, worship, and maybe even Bible study or youth group.  

These ideas just scratch the surface of possibility. Try thinking of a few ways you could use video to communicate a message to your community. You might surprise yourself.

When done correctly, video storytelling takes thought, planning, equipment, expertise, shooting and editing. This is the first installment in a series that will take you through the steps of simple video storytelling.

At the end of the series, you should have a good idea if it’s something you want to try. Up next is a post that offers specific tactics to build a storyline and identify your sources: How to Craft a Compelling Video Story for Your Church. 

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