What You Need to Know About BoxCast's "Exceedingly Enough" Podcast

Dear listener,

Shepherding a child's heart to know and follow Jesus is simultaneously wonderful and challenging. When my son Thaddeus was born four years ago, one of the ways that I embarked on this journey was by writing him daily devotionals from the pages of Scripture.

On his 18th birthday, I'll share with him the entire compilation so that he'll have access to the reflections I wrote throughout his life.

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Recently, I began reading aloud and recording a select number of these devotionals. Now, I'd like to share them with you in my new Exceedingly Enough podcast, free and available on iTunes. I would be honored if you gave it a listen.

Each recording is just a minute or two, so I hope that the podcast will be a quick source of encouragement and inspiration to you throughout your day.

Richest Blessings,

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