Live Streaming Spotlight: Andrew College

April 04, 2018

Customer: Andrew College, Cuthbert, GA

What they Stream: School-wide events and eight different sports

Live Streaming Goals: Engaging alumni and the community

The Setup: Single camera into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Website, Facebook Live, Youtube Live

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Mark Brown, the Facilities Coordinator to the College in Cuthbert, GA about how Andrew College uses BoxCast to stream their school-wide events.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter

February 16, 2018

Customer: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter, St. Petersburg, FL

What they stream: Church services

Live Streaming Goals: Engage congregation and reach those who cannot attend service in person

The Setup: Single camera into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Website


We were recently lucky enough to speak with John V. DiPietro of Cathedral Church of St. Peter, an Episcopal cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida. He talked to us about his BoxCast experience as well as how he was able to convince his church to stream.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: City of Lindsborg, KS

December 28, 2017

Customer: City of Lindsborg, KS

What they Stream: City Council meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Keeping residents informed

The Setup: One camera in the back of the room plugged into the BoxCaster

Destinations: BoxCast Player, YouTube LiveFacebook Live

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Cassie Johnson, the Executive Assistant to the City Administrator in Lindsborg, about how Lindsborg uses BoxCast to stream their meetings.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: City of Hardeeville, SC

December 19, 2017

Customer: City of Hardeeville, SC

What they Stream: City Council and Committee meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Government transparency

The Setup: Three HD wall-mounted cameras and a mic system into a Newtek Tricaster Mini into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Embedded Website Player, Facebook Live

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Raven Favor, Web Content and Media Specialist, and Ben Smerglia, Media Technician, about how the City of Hardeeville uses BoxCast to stream its public meetings.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: Rockdale County, GA

December 07, 2017

Customer: Rockdale County, GA

What they Stream: Board of Commissioners Meetings

Live Streaming Goals: Public Meeting Transparency, Workplace Productivity

The Setup: 3 Remote Cameras into a Wirecast Switcher into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Embedded Website Player (bottom of page), Facebook Live

We recently had the opportunity to speak with James Breedlove, the Audio-Video Coordinator for Rockdale County, Georgia about how Rockdale County uses BoxCast to stream their meetings.

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Live Streaming Story: How to Share Events with Your Cross-Country Team [Venture for America]

September 01, 2016

Here's the story of how Venture for America, a national nonprofit based in New York City, made it's events accessible to it's team members across the country.

Growing pains are bound to surface for any business on the rise.

Though they can induce changes that catapult an organization onto its next phase of success, growth can also test its core spirit and even lead to its demise. If not managed properly, alignment, transparency, and identity are all at stake.

To successfully absorb these pains and use them to their advantage, companies must experiment with various solutions, hoping that the path they’ve chosen is the one that works best.

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Live Streaming Story: How to Build a Student Broadcast Program [Saint Ignatius High School]

June 02, 2016

Here's the story of how Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, OH built a broadcast program for their students.

“Follow a passion.”

That’s what high school students navigating the complex college admission process are often told by parents, advisors and mentors who insist that pursuing a passion is what will bring them success.

These days, however, students are often so committed to their schoolwork, part-time jobs, and involvement in athletics and the arts that they have minimal time and experience to pursue a dream career.

There is the occasional exception, however. And Brendan Gulick, a 2009 graduate of Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland is quite an exception. 

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Live Streaming Spotlight: The College of Staten Island

March 30, 2016

Customer: College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY

What they Stream: Athletic Events

Live Streaming Goals: Engaging fans and students

The Setup: Single camera into the BoxCaster with announcer audio


We recently spoke with David Pizzuto, the Associate Athletic Director/Sports Information Director at The College of Staten Island (CUNY) about his experience streaming with BoxCast.

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[INTERVIEW:] How This Devoted Church Conquered Its Snowstorm Problem

March 01, 2016

We love doing what we do because it allows people to share in moments that they couldn’t have otherwise.

Brandon Lovelace of Parkwood Baptist Church (NC) opened up to us about the ways that BoxCast has helped him reach his community members, even when snowstorms or thousands of miles keep them from attending church.

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[Interview:] How to Share Your Ministry With the Corners of the Globe

December 14, 2015

Bringing value to our customers is our main priority, so we regularly seek direct feedback to better serve and connect with them. 

We recently got in touch with Christ’s Community Church, a non-denominational church in Hayward, CA. We asked Worship Pastor Tim Jameson to explain how BoxCast live video streaming helps his church.

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