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Multi-Site Churches

Screenshot of BoxCast Multi-Site Player

The Solution to Becoming a Strong Multi-Site Church

This post addresses the importance of live streaming in building out a multi-site church. It's the main post in our series on multi-site churches.

In recent years, the multi-site church model has become increasingly popular. Most churches open a new campus when they approach 1,000 members, but about 50% of those churches say that they could have opened a satellite campus even sooner, at around 850 members.

If your ministry is thinking about opening an additional location, that means you’re reaching a growing number of engaged members and people are excited about joining your community. This can only happen when a church truly connects with its members to deliver a message they want and need, so congratulations!

One of the biggest decisions to make when opening new campuses is determining how to share your main sermon with separate locations. BoxCast’s Multi-Site Video Player is the solution to enabling remote campuses to watch your live broadcasts seamlessly.

Why BoxCast

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to build an advanced DVR player that prepares your live broadcast locally to show a beautiful picture every time. The technology even shows advanced statistics so that your tech team can always follow along with what is happening on the back-end of your stream.

Plus, our dedicated support team constantly monitors ongoing streams to ensure that everything is working just how you like it. If you ever have a question, give us a call! You’ll talk to one of our representatives right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Features You'll Love

  • BoxCast automatically selects the highest quality image your bandwidth can handle for a smooth stream. But, we always give you full control over your stream, so you can override our selection at any time to force an HD image.
  • We’ll provide you with a detachable remote control and monitor window so that you can pause/rewind/seek, control volume, and playback quality as needed.
  • Every stream is automatically archived so that your viewers can watch it when it’s most convenient for them.

Here's more on our church Multi-Site player.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

We understand that some churches might find the multi-site church model to be a bit controversial. Here are two articles on the topic we hope you’ll find helpful that outline the pros and cons of multi-site churches.