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Is It Time to Take Your Church Online?

Churches everywhere are starting to stream their services -  is it time for you to consider live video streaming yours?

We say yes.

In today's world, people are often pulled in too many directions. Between work, church, soccer practice, and more, it can be hard to be at all the places you want to be. That's why nearly 70% of American adults now own a smartphone – we keep technology directly in our pockets or purses at all times so that we never feel like we're missing anything important. 

And if your community members are online, shouldn’t your Church be, too?


Connect with people where they are

A church’s mission is to spread the gospel to its congregants. To best fulfill that mission, it makes sense that a church must first find its congregants and connect with them. Churches who resist the online community are at risk of isolating their congregants and losing membership.

Of course, nothing can replace the communion of the saints and the importance of fellowship within a church body. Part of the wonder of going to church is found in the physical power of joining a community.

So online churches should enhance one’s presence in your community, not replace it entirely.

The power of online church

But we must recognize that in our global world and mobile society, even the most devout churchgoer has difficulty attending church each week. A church that streams its services online allows members to stay connected when life, for whatever reason, keeps them away.

That’s why church leaders who embrace this changing culture are actually seeing steady growth of their congregations over time. They’re able to more successfully share their ministries with their communities and touch more lives.

We can look to scripture to strengthen this idea. Jesus tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations - to spread the word of Christianity to people wherever they are (Matthew 28:16-20).

As a church leader, you are called to extend the message to people, wherever they are. As people spend more time on their laptops, tablets and iphones than ever before, video streaming your church servicesallows you to do exactly that. 

To learn more about how to reach and engage your congregation in a digital world, download The Pastor's Guide to Live Video Streaming.

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