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Case Studies

Current Church

Live Streaming Spotlight: Current: A Christian Church

CurrentCustomer: Current: A Christian Church, Katy, TX

What they Stream: Sunday morning services

Live Streaming Goals: Reach people not able to make it in person

The Setup: Multiple cameras to Blackmagic Switcher to the BoxCaster

Destinations: Website

Current: A Christian Church is a large, non-denominational church in Katy, Texas, west of Houston. We asked Worship and Creative Arts Pastor Evan Schwartz to explain how live streaming with BoxCast enhances their ministry.

How does Current Christian use BoxCast?

Evan Schwartz: We started using BoxCast in the fall of 2013. We actually used a different live feedback in 2008, but the video and audio quality was so poor that I stopped offering it in 2010. Once we were able to invest in our system (Blackmagic Design switcher, new cameras, etc.), we decided to give live video streaming a second chance. BoxCast was the best option for us because of its price and ease. 

With BoxCast, we stream three Sunday morning services each week. Our viewers can watch on the media page of our website as well as from our church app.

Who’s watching?

ES: On average, we get about 70 people tuning in online each week - and this number keeps growing! From what we know, our viewers are usually church regulars who can’t make it on a particular day for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s weather, being sick or out of town, or just those mornings with cranky kids falling apart. You know how it goes.

These folks tell us how much they love that they can attend Current while not physically being here. They love that the service is available.

We also hope that first-time guests tune into our online feed. In recent years, church websites have become the new front doors of a church. Allowing new members to participate in our services from home before joining our community is important to us - we hope that it gives them a great idea of what to expect when they come. 

How is it working?

ES: Our streams have been great! All we need is a good internet signal and BoxCast does the rest. They’ve also run many updates over the past few years to improve their stability and video player...all without us doing anything.

Would you recommend BoxCast to other churches?

ES: I would definitely refer BoxCast to other churches. Streaming is all about reaching as many people as possible and is a great way to spread the gospel. A growing church is a healthy church and can be used by God to do great things. Jesus asked us to reach people, so we should do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Any advice for churches looking to live stream?

ES: My biggest recommendation to churches looking to stream is this: preparation is key. Before you launch your online church presence, make sure you have the proper equipment.

Your service could be is great in person, but providing a great online service for those who can’t make it will require financial resources, a lot of work and prayer. Though we started on the wrong foot, we’re finally proud of our live stream and are doing it in the way it should be done.

Pray about it. If God wants to use your church to give people a way to see Him, He'll answer prayers and guide your every step in the process. Ask God and He'll answer.