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Case Studies

How to Share Your Ministry Across the Globe [Interview]

Bringing value to our customers is our main priority, so we regularly seek direct feedback to better serve and connect with them. 

We recently got in touch with Christ’s Community Church, a non-denominational church in Hayward, CA. We asked Worship Pastor Tim Jameson to explain how BoxCast live video streaming helps his church.

Tim_Jameson.pngBoxCast: When did you begin using BoxCast and why?

TJ: I’m always seeking ways to use technology to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. About a year and a half ago, a beloved woman on my worship team was diagnosed with leukemia. When she entered the hospital and started going through chemo and radiation, I began to think about how I could allow her to watch the worship service right in her hospital room. That’s when I started to consider video streaming. I came across an ad for BoxCast in Pastor's Resources. I sent for information and eventually gave it a try. Live video streaming has helped us reach an even bigger audience.

BoxCast: How do you use it now? Who is the audience?

TJ: We use BoxCast to stream our Sunday morning service, weddings and funerals. Though we get steady viewership every Sunday, we’ve gotten our biggest responses from weddings and funerals. In fact, 200 people from around the country joined us for a funeral three months ago. And just a couple of weeks ago, 120 people tuned in to watch a wedding! A woman in the military even took a selfie of herself watching the wedding on the internet (crystal clear image too!) and posted it on the bride’s Facebook page. It’s times like these that prove how live video streaming can connect people for the moments that matter.

Screen_Shot_2015-12-09_at_2.37.40_PM.pngBoxCast: How has it performed?

TJ: Currently, it is performing fantastic. But it took some trial and error to get us to where we are today. Originally, we started with an older model of the BoxCast hardware and a lower resolution plan. When we decided to upgrade our hardware, we were one of the few churches that encountered a problem with a firmware release. This is when your customer support team shined - Josh Mathus has been fantastic to work with and is one of the reasons I’ve stayed with you. When we had tech difficulties, Josh was quick to solve them.  

I'm always amazed when he preemptively emails me on a Sunday morning about something I may have forgotten to plug in. Together, we get everything working correctly. We recently went to 1080p resolution and it is pretty sweet.  

BoxCast: How has your church body reacted? 

TJ: They love the ability to watch the broadcast live when they are not able to attend the service! We’ve also been able attract new people to our church who said they watched the service before beginning to attend.

BoxCast: Would you recommend this to other churches?

TJ: I think every church MUST stream its services online. We live in a time when many people really don’t want to leave their homes. Our culture has become very closed-off, and, I think, quite lonely. A church that shares the gospel message of truth with people in their homes can radically change lives. And, beyond that, we need to consider Kingdom building. This isn't just about "our" church. It's about how the world can hear the gospel message. We need to reach those in the farthest corners of the globe - and streaming video and other technologies are the way to go.

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