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Case Studies

Cathedral Church

Live Streaming Spotlight: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter


Customer: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter, St. Petersburg, FL

What they stream: Church services

Live Streaming Goals: Engage congregation and reach those who cannot attend service in person

The Setup: Single camera into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Website


We were recently lucky enough to speak with John V. DiPietro of Cathedral Church of St. Peter, an Episcopal cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida. He talked to us about his BoxCast experience as well as how he was able to convince his church to stream.

 How did you get started with BoxCast?

A few months ago, we were in the midst of gutting and re-configuring our space, as well as installing a state-of-the-art sound system. As these things often go, I was inspired to brainstorm even more ways to improve our church.

Though we were equipping ourselves to put on wonderful events at the Cathedral, it pained me that they would never be recorded.

So, I reached out to Garland Pollard, the Director of Communications for the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida. He said that he and a few of our sister parishes were using BoxCast to successfully stream diocesan events and suggested we give it a try.

Really, the decision was a no-brainer.

What Challenges did You Face?

My biggest challenge was convincing the church that this was a priority. First I had to sell the Dean (our head priest) and Chapter (comprised of eight congregation members) on the benefits of live video streaming, but that was an easy sell. To help persuade them, I asked questions like:

  • Without streaming, how can people discover all the events we put on?
  • How many of us have ever been out of town or indisposed and couldn’t make it to our beloved church?
  • How many families might show their gratitude by increasing their tithing or making an additional contribution?
  • How many people could enjoy all we offer by simply clicking a link?
  • Today, when families are looking looking for a new church, they go online instead of driving around town aimlessly. Shouldn’t we have the online presence they’re looking for?

It took a while, but once we started, everyone agreed that streaming was incredibly valuable – and all were blown away by how simple BoxCast is to use. And the congregation is grateful beyond words.

Your story has an incredible ending- would you mind sharing it?

Of course. Before we started to stream, we knew that we wanted to buy a new camera and replace our entire sound system. Doing so cost us a pretty penny, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

I’m certain that God had his hand in this, but after the installation, a wonderful person in our congregation was so appreciative of our streams that they anonymously stepped forward and covered the entire expense!

What's Your Favorite Part about BoxCast

With BoxCast, I feel like I have an entire tech team at my fingertips. I repeatedly reach out to your customer support representatives and ask them dumb questions. They’re always attentive and cheerily help me every time. Even on weekends!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I have and will continue to promote BoxCast within my communities – both secular and nonsecular. I am truly excited about our future and the many blessings our broadcasts can bring to people's lives.